TMS Meeting Minutes, January 6, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Christian, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton (Zoom Meeting)

Winter Storm:
  • Snow on top of the dome meant that the LBT was not operational
  • During this closed dome time, Heejoo found that our first USB cable was problematic and causing shutter malfunctions
  • The second cable is going to be tested soon, once LeRoy is able to head up the mountain
  • When Heejoo chose the new cables he considered length and the shield
  • For now, we will need to have someone available to turn on and off the laser for TMS operation
Proceedings Paper:
  • Andrew submitted an abstract for a paper updating our work on TMS
  • Andrew planning to edit the TMS submission with a three page mini-paper in the coming weeks
  • Also suggested considering a
Mountain Visit:
  • Once we have some mild weather, Heejoo and Trenton will head up the mountain to work on the system
  • Will be working on testing the system, taking photos for the paper, and fixing mount instability
  • For the photographs, we will develop a list of images requested before we head up the mountain
  • Andrew planning to do some preliminary analysis to determine which channels are most problematic
Commissioning/Engineering Nights:
  • At the end of last year, we discussed one to one comparison testing
  • Using FPIA on one side and active TMS on the other, which will require another 3-5 hours of engineering
  • Earliest available commissioning night could be 1/14/22, but there are also other tasks
    • There may be things popping up that are higher priority b/c they are essential to LBT operation
    • LBTI requested some time to work on things, but winter nights are long
    • It would be best if we could find a time at the start of the night with large temperature variations
  • Next engineering nights, MODS will be back on and will require check out, and also need work on LBC1 rotator
  • It may be useful for us to align four channels to a central retro on the Gregorian M2
    • This would remove translational uncertainty of M2 and could seriously improve image quality
    • In particular, it would remove the degeneracy in coma aberration contributions between translation and rotation of M2
  • First chance for TMS passive mode data acquisition with LBC is after the 14th
Mirror Thermals:
  • Andrew's thermal correction does a good job for small variations, but not for large chances
  • Trenton working with Brandon Challifoux to develop and ANSYS model of the thermal deformations of the mirror
  • Also using Andrew's Zernike fitting Mathematica notebooks to guide analysis, along with previous GMT thermal mirror deformation analysis

-- TrentonBrendel - 06 Jan 2022
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