4.15 Preparing for Site (Mountain) Visits

Quick Resources for Previously Trained Travelers

The following resources could be helpful to travelers who have previously completed Site Safety Orientation (SSO) training and walkthrough:


Below are top-level requirements for site visits. See "Procedures and Requirements" below for links to the other relevant chapters of the safety manual.
  1. Complete Site Safety Orientation (SSO) and other required training well in advance of arrival. This is coordinated through new employee on-boarding or the visitor registration process.
  2. Be aware of, plan, and prepare for the possibility of unplanned extended-stays due to weather, fire, or other unforeseeable events. See "What to Bring" below.
  3. Plan and schedule your work prior to departure. To successfully mitigate risks to the safety and health of people, equipment and the environment, you must ensure the needed resources and controls are in place and ready at the start of work.
  4. Simple In/Out: Keep your location status up to date while on the mountain (see SSO slides, module 2, page 6 above). Use App or Web: https://www.simpleinout.com/en/list. Contact dcarroll@lbto.org for a simple in/out account if you are new. Download the "Simple In/Out" software from iPhone or Google store and log in to change/update your status when you travel.
  5. Follow all vehicle travel safety requirements, and heed any travel restrictions that may be in place (winter weather, road closures, global pandemic, etc.). Be aware that there are numerous requirements related to vehicle selection, emergency equipment, driving, and communication protocols.
  6. Plan to spend ~30 minutes to acclimate and hydrate upon arrival before beginning physically or mentally intensive activities.
  7. Plan to spend ~90 minutes for a building walkthrough with the Manager on Duty or Safety rep. if you are a first-time visitor/employee, or if you are an infrequent visitor in need of a refresher. Please coordinate with the Observatory Manager before traveling if you have not been scheduled a walkthrough via the new employee on-boarding or visitor registration process.

What to Bring:

  • Fully charged cell phone, cell phone charger, and water for vehicle travel (in addition you will always travel with a vehicle emergency kit per your Site Safety Orientation training)
  • Medications
    • Bring extra in case of emergency extended stay due to weather, fire, etc.
  • Healthy Food (we have a self-service kitchen)
    • Healthy complex carbohydrates and proteins to provide sustained energy.
    • Food for food allergy or dietary restrictions.
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hat (for outdoors)
  • Warm clothes, regardless of time of year (warm jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, boots in winter months).
  • Safety shoes and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed for the job (e.g. hardhat, safety glasses, etc.) as well as sandals for use in the shower and common areas.
  • Certification cards for any equipment you will need to operate
  • Other Medical
    • Asthma Inhalers, epi pens
    • CPAP, sleep aids
    • Accessibility devices

Procedures and Requirements

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