LBTO Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Manual

1.0 Introduction, Purpose and Scope

2.0 Manual Review & Revisions

3.0 Health, Safety and Environment Policy, Responsibilities, Participation, and Commitment

4.0 General Safety

5.0 Hazardous Activities (listed alphabetically)
5.16 Pressure Systems (under development)

6.0 Hazardous Substances (listed alphabetically)

7.0 Environment (listed alphabetically)

8.0 Safety of Equipment
8.4 Authorization to Operate, Work On or Touch Equipment (reserved)
8.5 Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Use and Testing (reserved)
8.7 Water Mitigation (under development)
8.8 Lightning Strikes (under development)

9.0 Safety in Design
9.1 Safety Design Standard (under development)
9.2 Prevention through Design & the Installation for the Elimination of Hazards (under development)

10.0 HSE Management System (HSEMS) & Operations
10.5 HSE Calendar
10.7 HSE Objectives and Targets
10.8 HSE Management Review of the HSE-MS
10.9 Qualified and Competent Persons per OSHA
10.10 Safe Work Plans (SWPs)
10.11 Equipment & Supplies

11.0 Legal and Other Requirements (under development)

12.0 Reserved

13.0 Reserved

14.0 Reference Documents
14.3 Records and Completed Assessments (Google Drive)

15.0 Revision History

Safety By Topic

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) By Topic

Emergency Planning & Response   HSE Topics   Safety of Equipment   Team Pages
Emergency Response and Preparedness   Stop Work Authority (SWA)        
Injury, Illness, and Incident Process
  Altitude Health   Safety of Equipment   Summit Visitor Instructions
Site Emergency Contact Lists   Vehicle Travel (Winter Travel)   Working on Telescope   Remote Observing
Evacuation Vehicle and Emergency Hut   Fall Protection   Mirror Safety   Safety Representative Committee (SRC)
AED, Oxygen, First Aid Equipment   Lockout/Tagout ( telescope lockout)   Tool Tethering   Office Status Software
Helicopter Landing Map   Liquid Nitrogen & Cryogenics   Flying Over the Primary    
Emergency Response Binders @ LBT   HazCom, chemical Safety & SDS   Equipment Sign-Off (ESO)    
Emergency Satellite Phone   Crane, Rigging & Platform Safety   Securing Cables and Hoses    
Minimum Staffing Requirements   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)   Work Planning    
Emergency Shutdown & Startup   Hazards & Risks   Use of Procedures
Forest Fire   Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Buttons   Mountain Procedure List    
Training   Confined Space   Pre-Task Planning (PTP)   Incidents & Corrective Action
Site Safety Orientation   Bypass of Safety Interlocks   Buddy System   IssueTrak Summary for Safety
Training   Waste and Recycling   Work Coordination   Incident Review
    Marking Hazards   Impact Prevention Plan    
    Electrical Safety (under development)        
    Boom, Scissor, and Fork Lifts        
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