"Issue Trak" Safety Report Instructions

Instructions on Creating a Safety Issue Trak (IT)

Notes: 1) For injuries and accidents, please be mindful of people's privacy and use terms such as "the operator" or "person". 2) Not all Issue Trak fields are addressed below. At minimum, please fill out the fields described below.
  1. Log into Issue Trak: https://lbt.issuetrak.com/Login.asp ( For access issues, contact it@lbto.org)
  2. Click "Submit Issue" from the left side bar, which will open up a form with blank fields.
  3. Subject: Create a title that reflects what happened (i.e. "ladder tipped over and nearly hit someone")
  4. Full Description: Provide a summary of what happened (who, what, where, when), as if you were an impartial observer. Please save all the full details and descriptions to later in the report.
  5. Issue Type: Select "Safety" for safety-type incidents (otherwise choose the appropriate type). Note: Select "Bypass Interlock EStop" for interlock bypass ITs per M004s00017
  6. Subtype 1: Select the appropriate sub type. If there are more than one that apply, choose the one reflecting the most serious impact from the incident. Below are the Subtype 1's for Safety:
    1. Injury (someone got injured)
    2. Medical/Illness/Health (someone had a medical incident)
    3. Incident with Impact to Property or Environment (equipment, property, or environmental damage or impact)
    4. Near Miss (no direct impact/damage, but could have been with a slight shift of circumstance)
    5. Corrective Action/Improvement (choose this to submit corrective actions or proactive improvements)
    6. Audits (this is for entering safety inspection reports or other audits)
  7. Subtypes 2 - 4: Choose the most appropriate subtypes 2-4, if applicable. Depending on which Subtype 1 is selected, there are different options available for subsequent sub types.
  8. Priority: Choose the appropriate priority.
    1. Critical (the situation must be addressed immediately to protect life, health, property, or environment)
    2. High (the situation must be addressed within days to a week)
    3. Medium (the situation should be addressed within weeks to months and will be appropriately prioritized by management)
    4. Low (the situation can be addressed as time permits)
    5. Monitor (status reserved for issues that have been resolved but should be checked on with some frequency)
  9. Next Action: Search by last name and indicate who should take the next action. If unknown, leave blank.
  10. Notes: For Safety Subtypes: Injuries, Medical/Illness/Health, Incidents with Impact or Damage, Near Miss, and Interlock Bypass, please answer all the questions in this section, including as much detail as possible about the incident or situation.
  11. Submit Issue: Click submit issue to submit.

Instructions for Updating Issue Traks (ITs)

  1. Log into Issue Trak: https://lbt.issuetrak.com/Login.asp (For access issues, contact it@lbto.org)
  2. Search for the IT by number in the search box at the top of the screen, or choose "Search Issues" from the left side bar and define the search criteria and click search at the bottom. Once you find the IT, click on it to see the "View Issue" page.
    1. Tip: On the Search Issue Page, you can use the field "Search All Three" to enter text to search all Subjects, Notes, and Solutions.
  3. Add Note: On the "View Issue #xxxx" page, click "Add Note" to add a new note/update to the IT.
    1. Corrective actions should be identified by unique identifier (e.g. #, etc.) and tracked in the notes using the "Add Note" function.
  4. Attachments: Click attachments to add attachments.
    1. Incident reports, images, data sets, and other documents should be added as attachments to support findings and corrective action completions.
  5. Edit: If you click "Edit" you can do things such as (but not limited to):
    1. Change the priority
    2. Change/Assign "Next Action" person
    3. Edit your note (if you made a mistake)
  6. Close: Once all corrective actions have been completed, the IT can be closed. You must write a description of the solution upon closing. Please be sure to review the notes and summarize what corrective actions were completed.

Purpose of Issue Trak Documentation

The purpose of tracking safety issues in IssueTrak is to fully evaluate what happened and why so to address the systematic causes with corrective actions in order to learn from the incident and avoid repeat occurrences . IssueTrak reports (ITs) are communicated to management and staff via an automated email system and tracked by management.

HSE Manual References

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