4.11 Injury, Illness and Incident Reporting

Note: For Emergency Response protocols and situational guides see HSE Manual Ch. 4.2 Emergency Management & Response

Immediate Response to Injuries, Illnesses, and Incidents

Report illness and injuries immediately to the Observatory Manager on Duty or staff member via radio or in-person (MOUNTAIN) or to your supervisor or LBTO Sponsor (TUCSON). Call 911 for emergencies:

Forms and Online Reports

Once the situation is stabilized, the Manager on Duty at the Observatory must coordinate with the on-site staff, associated supervisors, equipment owners, project leads, and/or member coordinators to ensure the following reports are completed:
  1. Issue Trak (IT) Report (w/in 24 hrs.)
    • Manager on Duty/Supervisor/Designee within 24 hours creates IT report for the injury, illness, incident or accident.
    • Issue Trak Safety Report Instructions are here: https://wiki.lbto.org/Safety/IssueTrak.
    • The purpose of this report is to ensure details, findings, and corrective actions are documented to completion to prevent similar recurrence.
  2. UA Risk Management Injury or Property Loss Report (w/in 24 hrs.):
    • The Supervisor of either the Injured/Ill person or of the work involved in the property loss creates the report for UA.
    • Instructions, criteria, and contacts for Risk Management are found here: https://risk.arizona.edu/insurance/incident-reporting
    • The purpose of this report is to meet University of Arizona (UA), OSHA and department of labor requirements.
Additionally, an Incident Review/Lessons Learned may be requested by management: When requested by management, this form will be completed by the appropriately assigned parties.
  • LBTO Post-Incident Review Report Template M004s00305 Further Information: Incident Review Page
  • The purpose of this form/review process is to to document the impact, contributing factors, root causes, and corrective actions).

Procedures and Requirements

Forms and Tools

Other Documents and Resources

Coverage Plan

Only managers/supervisors are authorized to make coverage decisions. Please be aware that you may be temporarily taken down from the mountain for your own safety in the event of an injury or illness, or if you cannot safely fulfill the functions of your job.


Coverage Instructions : Coverage for Injured/Ill Employees

Background Narrative for Everyone

In the event of an injury or illness, report it immediately to the manager on duty. The manager will determine the appropriate level of care needed, depending on the incident. LBT has staff trained in CPR/First Aid/AED and First Responder, and if further help is needed from offsite Emergency Services, the manager can call offsite for assistance. Depending on the situation, an injured or ill person may need to be transported off the mountain for further medical evaluation or care.

Keep in mind that your safety and the safety of others is always paramount. In the past we have had employees with injuries or illnesses who did not initially report them to the manager, and continued working despite their condition. While everyone respects a strong work ethic and commitment to the observatory, we must be sure to report injuries immediately and allow the manager to make that determination to keep working or call for backup coverage. Continuing to work through an injury can make the injury worse and could be a cause for other accidents to occur (not to mention, it's against policy)!

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