14.1 Health, Safety, and Environmental Policies, Procedures and Forms

HSE Area Description VCAN Owner
SMS Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy M004s00112 D Carroll
SMS Leadership and Worker Participation in the Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) M004s00114 D Carroll
GEN Vehicle Travel Safety Requirements M004s00312 D Carroll
GEN Inclement Weather Guidelines M004s00311 D Carroll
Crane Crane and Rigging Safety Requirements M004s00037 D Carroll
Crane Critical Lift Plan (CLP) Template M004s00039 D Carroll
Crane Upper Crane Deployment Procedure M004s90007 D Carroll
Crane Crane Trolley Trough Deployment Procedure for Water Mitigation M004s90005 D Carroll
Crane Level 9 Hoist Operating Procedure M004s90001 D Carroll
Crane Lifting Fixture and Removable Platform Certification and Stamping Procedure M004s00040 D Carroll
Crane Load Test Template for Lifting Fixtures & Platforms M004s00041 D Carroll
Environmental Refrigerant Managment Plan M004s00560 D Carroll
Environmental Refrigerant Activity Report (RAR) M004s00561 D Carroll
Environmental Refrigerant Master Log M004s00562 D Carroll
Environmental EPA Leak Repair Compliance Guidance M004s00563 D Carroll
ERT Altitude (High) Health Information M004s00320 D Carroll
ERT Altitude Health & Safety for Visitors M004s00321 D Carroll
ERT Minimum Staffing Policy for Safety at the Observatory M004s00306 D Carroll
ERT Restricted Access/Communications Planning Tool M004s00323 D Carroll
ERT Emergency Contact List, Observatory Summit M004s00303 D Carroll
ERT Emergency Contact List, Tucson Office M004s00302 D Carroll
ERT Emergency Contact List, Remote Observing Room M004s00304 D Carroll
ERT Emergency Shutdown Procedures for Instruments D Carroll
ERT Forest Fire Contingency Plan M004s00001 D Carroll
ERT Injury, Illness & Incident Management and Coverage Procedure M004s00301 D Carroll
ERT Injury, Illness, & Medical Incident Report Form M004s00307 D Carroll
ERT Patient Information & Traveler Form M004s00308 D Carroll
ERT Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
ERT Post-Incident Review Template M004s00305 D Carroll
ERT MGIO Emergency Response Contingency Plan M004s00300 D Carroll
ERT LBTO Emergency Action Plan (EAP) M004s00310 D Carroll
ERT Policy on When to Shut Down Computers M004s00011 M Bec
ERT Policy for Snow on Roof Inspection M004s00015 P Hartley
ERT Procedure for Administering Oxygen M004s00016 D Carroll
ERT Procedure/Policy for Observatory Site Evacuation M004s00014 D Carroll
ERT Shutter and Vent Doors Operational Procedure for Emergency Closure With Generator E300s00002 P Hartley
ERT Structure Fire Contingency Plan M004s00005 D Carroll
ERT Shutter and Vent Doors Closure in a Power Outage E361s00070 S Bucki
ERT Policy for When to Shut Down Computers in Case of Power Outage, and When to Turn Power Back On M004s00011 P Hartley
ERT Personal Lightning Safety Tips M004x00200 D Carroll
ERT Shutting Down Instruments in the Event of a Power Outage O690s00100 R Reynolds
ERT Observatory First Aid Kit Inventory Lists M004s00342 D Carroll
ERT LBTO Vehicle Emergency Kit Inventory List M004s00340 D Carroll
ERT Visitor Vehicle Emergency Kit Inventory List M004s00341 D Carroll
ESO Equipment Sign-Off Checklist M004s00035 D Carroll
FP Fall Protection Program Standard M004s00700 D Carroll
FP Fall Rescue Program M004s00012 D Carroll
FP Fall Rescue Plan Template M004s00702 D Carroll
FP Ladder Safety Requirements M004s00701 D Carroll
CSE Confined Space Entry Program UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
CSE Confined Space Assessment Form M004s00601 D Carroll
Hazcom Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
Hazcom Chemical Inventory M004s00710 D Carroll
Hazmat Hazmat Trasnport in Vehicles Requirements M004s00580 D Carroll
Hazmat Hazmat Shipping Papers Template M004s00581 PDF or MS Word D Carroll
Health Moth Mitigation and Hygiene Plan M004s00720 D Carroll
Health Mt. Graham Moth Allergen Control Work Practices & PPE M004s90006 D Carroll
Lift - Scissor JLG Scissor Lift Pre-Use Inspection Log - Blank M004s90040 D Carroll
Lift - Scissor Genie Scissor Lift Pre-Use Inspection Log - Blank M004s90041 D Carroll
Lift - Boom Genie Boom Lift Pre-Use Inspection Log - Blank M004s90042 D Carroll
Lift -ForkTruck Fork Truck Pre-Use Inspection Log - Blank M004s90043 D Carroll
SHOP Machine Shop Safety Program M004s00250 D Carroll
SHOP Shop Safety Guidelines UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
SHOP 3L Machine Shop Training Form & Equipment List - GENERAL M004s00252 D Carroll
SHOP 3L Machine Shop Training Form & Equipment List - MILL & LATHE M004s00253 D Carroll
SHOP Machine-Specific Staff Training Matrix for 3L Shop Google Drive Link R Hansen
LOR MGIO Special Use Permit & Mgmt. Plan (for site) S100s00100
LOTO Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/Tagout Program UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
LOTO Lockout Tagout Plan Template UA Risk Management Document (.doc) (.pdf) UA-RMS
LOTO/COHE Remote Operation of Equipment Safety Requirements M004s00470 D Carroll
LOTO Alternative Means Evaluation Form M004s00051 D Carroll
LOTO Azimuth Lockout Procedure M004s00003
LOTO LOTO Log Blank - Level 4 MCC M004s00403 D Carroll
LOTO LOTO Log Blank - Upper Right Treehouse M004s00404 D Carroll
LOTO LOTO Log Blank - Telescope, Level 5 Control Room M004s00405 D Carroll
LOTO LOTO Log Blank - Level 9 Catwalk & Upper Roof M004s00406 D Carroll
LOTO Elevation Lockout Procedure M004s00002
LOTO HBS Lockout Procedure M004s00411 D Carroll
LOTO Shutter Door LOTO Procedure M004s00410 D Carroll
LOTO SHARK-NIR Motion Control LOTO M004s00413 D Carroll
OPS STOP Work Authority (SWA) Policy M004s00202 D Carroll
OPS Use and Update of Procedures Policy M004s90002 D Carroll
OPS Bypass procedure for safety interlocks and e stops M004s00017 D Carroll
OPS Cleanroom & 116 Work Procedures M004s00201 R Reynolds
OPS Crane Basket Usage Procedure M004s00010 D Carroll
OPS Mountaintop work request procedure M004s00200 P Hartley
OPS Procedure for Transporting Nitrogen and Compressed Gas Between Floors M004s00101 D Carroll
OPS Shutter Door Entry Procedure M004s00630 D Carroll
OPS Upper Roof & Level 9 Catwalk Access Requirements M004s90003 D Carroll
OPS Telescope Startup Procedure M004s00004 P Hartley
Plan Fly things over the primary mirrors M004s00030 D Carroll
Plan Pre-Task Plan Checklist M004s00021 D Carroll
Plan Tool & Personnel Tethering Checklist M004s00031 D Carroll
PPE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Instruction UA Risk Management Document UA-RMS
PPE PPE Evaluation Template Form M004s00902 D Carroll
PPE Safety Footwear Purchase Authorization Form M004s00900 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Standard M004s00830 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk System Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Worksheet M004s00805 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Safety Inspection Walkthrough Checklist M004s00803 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Evaluation Form M004s00801 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Personnel Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Worksheet M004s00802 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Tool M004s00804 D Carroll
Hazard & Risk Hazard Category List for Hazard & Risk Assessment M004s00809 D Carroll
Training Safety Training Program M004s00062 D Carroll
Training New Hire Instructions M004s00067 D Carroll
Training SSO New Employee/Visitor Walkthrough Checklist M004s00063 D Carroll
Training Visitor (Escorted) Safety Brochure M004s00061 D Carroll
Training Acknowledgement of Safety Requirements Form M004s00060 D Carroll
Training Remote Observer Safety Information M004s00064 D Carroll
Training Online LMS Requirements Document M004s00068 D Carroll
Site Permit USDA-FS Special Use Permit SAF2035-01 S100s00100

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