Sloan-r' transmission

There are three tables: one is for the nominal filter, computed assuming a convergent f/1.45 beam as in LBC-Blue and the other two (labelled 1 and 2) are measurements made in a collimated beam for the 2 Sloan-r' filters. The measured curves give accurate transmissivities while the computed curve shows more realistic central, cut-on and cut-off wavelengths since it takes into account the blueshift resulting from the convergent beam effect.

  • LBCB_Sloan_r.txt: SDSS-r' transmission data: theoretical, computed for convergent f/1.45 beam

  • LBCB_Sloan_r_1.txt: SDSS-r' transmission data: measured for filter 1; incident beam parallel

  • LBCB_Sloan_r_2.txt: SDSS-r' transmission data: measured for filter 2; incident beam parallel

  • SDSS-r' transmission plot:

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