20121130 UT - LBC Focal Plane Tilt


JHill used the first hour of the technical night to try to get LBC-Blue focal plane tilt measurements. Seeing varied from 1.3 to 1.0 arcsec (DIMM), so data are not likely to be useful.


00:38 David started Mirror Ventilation

00:40 David turns on LBC while John is fighting firefox.

Firefox on the LBTO account on obs2 is all screwed up. It seems to be opening hundreds of files??? Switch to running from lbcobs account.

00:44 xephem in lbcobs core dumps (lbcobs doesn't have Xephem)

00:50 Preset to WT10_276 at EL=64 deg.

00:55 Running DOFPIA - Pupils have obvious skirts

01:08 DOFPIA is complete

Using OBs from /home/LBTO/Calib_OBs/

01:10 SUPERFOC/RB_rV_superfoc (not 7)

01:14 SUPERFOC/RB_rV_superfoc7_pa180

01:21 DOFPIA

01:27 SUPERFOC/RB_rV_superfoc7

01:33 SUPERFOC/RB_rV_superfoc7_pa180

01:41 FOCUS/RB_rVexin4

01:45 FOCUS/RB_rVinex4_pa180

01:48 DOFPIA, killed by "S" after second pair of images

01:51 Back to David to reconfigure telescope for Doug et al.

01:52 took 3 Bias frames

01:55 Turn off LBC

-- JohnHill - 30 Nov 2012
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