01 July 2012 UT

~18:45 Started MODS GUI, ran modsWake, ran sieveSnap and now running prflats.cal
  • forgot to change the date... hence these files are:
    • mods1b.20120630.b.fits b=0025-0034
    • mods1r.20120630.r.fits r=0023-0027

20:00 Wait until dark enough to collimate... initial guide image shows some signs of coma...Once collimated, FWHM~0.85" on guider.

20:30-22:00 Dave obtaining data for MOS alignment in N1.8 and N3.75 camera.
DThompson notes:
UT 20120701   luci.20120701.NNNN.fits

Darks       NNNN
   4x15.0s  0001
   4x10.0s  0002
   8x5.0s   0003
   3x4.0s   0004

### 03:29 Start mosalign tests on yan1 mask 953356 ~14h +4.5d  N1.80
yan1        0005-8
From MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=1.1676  Y=-2.3609    Rot=0.2910
from mosalign            1.836     -1.439         0.293                       

mosalign shifts applied, 0008 is the post-offset through-slit image

### 03:46 Start mosalign tests on yan1 mask 953356 ~14h +4.5d N3.75 camera
yan1        0009-12
From MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=0.8905  Y=-0.2222    Rot=0.2981  (rms ~3.4pix)
from mosalign            1.836     -1.552         0.316   (rms ~20mas)

Camera positioning error N3.75->N1.80.  Initialize cleared it.

### 04:03 mosalign tests on EGS0405A mask  ~14h +52d N1.80 camera
egs0405A    0013-17
From MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=1.7548   Y=-2.5187    Rot=0.2437
from mosalign            2.257      -1.653         0.232
additional offset 2.91x -2.27y image 17
sources in boxes but offset, possible rotation offset too
boxes and predicted source positions significantly offset w.r.t. each other

### 04:30 mosalign tests on EGS0405B mask  ~14h +52d N3.75 camera
egs0405A    0018-
From MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=1.3852  Y=-0.5375    Rot=0.2577
from mosalign    very bad fit!  slitlet near ref3 causes problems!

MOS ACQU offsets applied
frame 0021 after offset.  Nothing in the boxes.  

04:51 Switch to MODS for Mark's science targets.  Olga will take these data.

### From the LUCI message database from June 27 - July 1
### ===================================================================
### Check tine to complete sequences for MOS observing
FPU_to_turnout      76(0.5) seconds to complete (N=21)
turnout_to_FPU      77(0.5) seconds to complete (N=22)
FPU_to_storage      170(17) seconds to complete (N=22)  minmax=(152,201)
storage_to_FPU      196(31) seconds to complete (N=22)  minmax=(158,257)
storage_to_turnout  133(31) seconds to complete (N=22)  minmax=( 84,188)

Bottom right corner of LUCI message database webpage has a "show help" link
Query on the message database webpage for things like this:
(programName.program_name = 'ONE_MOSUnit') AND (content.text LIKE '%sequence%') AND (content.text LIKE '%FPU to storage%')

~22:00 Switched to MODS but had to close for clouds.

22:15 Starting prlamps.cal mods1b.20120701.b.fits b=1-4 and mods1r.20120701.r.fits r=1-4

22:50 Running prbias.cal will have b=5-14 and r=5-14 and...

23:00 bias8K.cal b=15-24 and r=15-24 ... needed blue fitsflush after this. (I uncautiously executed this command during an exposure of the sequence next sequence. b had been stuck at 15 but was up to 30. All the data files from 15-33 are present with the good names, but there are also bogus filenames for each one from 17-33.

23:40 still cloudy... grflats.cal b=25-34 and r=25-39, but upon doing the final 5 red images, got a bogus filename (120618M8.07h) and a timeout error:
>> red flat VFLAT 10.0 + Clear Spectral Flat
** ERROR: Command 'red flat VFLAT 10.0 + Clear Spectral Flat' timed out after 60 seconds
Refreshed the GUI, retried the command and it is OK now.

00:40 grlamps.cal b = 35-37 and r = 40-42

for tomorrow, 02 July 2012

AOS work at start
MODS & LUCI science data not yet obtained
  • 2 fields,
    • low elevation and up all night, am=1.5-1.7 and ra=18:30, dec=80
    • higher elevation 18:30 and 25d, am=1.3-1
  • use fast OB to slew to field 1
  • exin (2 32sec exposures, 4 PAs ... 8 minutes total) and superfoc (7 10 sec exposures, 4 PAs... 16 min)
    • dofpia and, if seeing is ~1.2" or better and stable run the following from ~LBTO/Calib_OBs/FOCUS/
      • RB_rVexin4.ob, RB_rVinex4_pa180.ob, RB_rVexin4_pa90.ob, RB_rVinex_pa270.ob
    • dofpia again - while I think that the seeing requirements for superfoc are more stringent, worth doing anyway with the 7 step sequences with delta_focus = 0.06, since these will show the off-axis aberrations as we step through focus. From ~LBTO/Calib_OBs/SUPERFOC/
      • RB_rV_superfoc7.ob, RB_rV_superfoc7_pa180.ob, RB_rV_superfoc7_pa90.ob and RB_rV_superfoc7_pa270.ob
    • use fast OB to slew to field 2... repeat...

-- OlgaKuhn - 01 Jul 2012
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