30 June 2012

D. Gonzalez Huerta D. Thompson O. Kuhn

beginning of night Dave worked on his mosalign script, taking some data, running it.
DThompson notes:
UT 20120630   luci.20120630.NNNN.fits

   1x4.0  0001-2 O2DCR for readnoise 
   1x12.0 0003-4 MER10 for readnoise 
   2x15.0 0005
   4x10.0 0006
   8x5.0  0007
   3x4.0  0008

jiang1    0009-15 
from MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=1.118  Y=-2.026  Rot=0.484

shell RIPped on the way to yan1

yan1      0016-18
From MOS ACQU on LUCI: X=1.029  Y=-2.567  Rot=0.302
from mosalign            0.158    -0.509      0.303

   Found bug in mosalign - geomap input list needs to be around ~0,0
   Changed mosalign to subtract off the coords of the mask center

EGS0405A  0020-24 

   No chance to test because another shell RIP that took 3+h to resolve
   then clouds kept us closed for the rest of the night.

Optic Sieve to check IQ
   N1.80  0025
   N3.75  0026

??:??-07:30 Towards the end of this LUCI work, there were problems with shell (actually it had ripped 3 times during the first half of the night). Juan Carlos has been working on recovery from this last RIP for quite a while already - seems to be more serious than the usual.

07:30 telescope is at zenith, dome is closed and dark. Starting some MODS calibrations:
  • grflats.cal will be 20120630 b:1-10 and r:1-15 (red stuck on 5, need to run red fitsflush)
    • interesting... the exposure and readout countdown bars are grey in this remote display, not blue... other colors are there.
  • grlamps.cal will be b: 11-13 and r:16-18
  • prflats.cal (telescope was moved during this sequence...all blue, 14-23, are OK but only one r, 19, is)...

20120629 MODS calibrations
  • wiggle.cal
    • mods1b.20120629.n.fits were n=2-5 and
    • mods1r.20120629.n.fits where n=2-3

10:00 called it a night as it was overcast - already we had been closed for a while during the shell recovery (during which time the above mentioned MODS calibrations were done)

-- OlgaKuhn - 30 Jun 2012
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