7 June 2012

  • non-sidereal testing
  • test of LBC OB which resulted in rotationally trailed images
  • test of binocular LUCI-LBCR

* All of this used 2012F *

More details on the 2nd two points:

  • LBC rotationally trailed images (IT 3466) on 20120514 and 20120515. These seem to happen preferentially with this field and even at relatively low elevations, ~70 on these May nights. We repeated this OB - elevation was high, 84 deg. We saw the trailing again. We did not try another field (a "control" field) or this field at lower elevation.

We needed to correct pointing for LUCI since this was the first time it was used this night. Tried to slew to a pointing star, ACT0213, first with newpoint ACT0213 BC=INDEF. We did not see a star, and upon running ptspiral, saw very large M1 RX values, ~100"-200". Also X~1.9 and Y~1.1 but M1 was hitting limits.

We next tried to send a synch preset by running newpoint for both left and right sides:

  • set up Red:
    • mkdir /scratch/Red
    • cd /scratch/Red
    • mkiraf
    • cp ~/iraf/login.cl .
    • edit login.cl to set uparm to "./uparm"
    • xgterm -e cl &
    • epar LBTtools and set up appropriate instrument, side, date (LBC, right, 20120607)
    • Observe
    • lpar newpoint
  • likewise, set up Blue (LUCI, left, 20120607)
  • set up synch preset and send these one after another
    • on blue
      • newpoint ACT0213 Tel="ACQUIRE" gs=0 BC=1
    • on red
      • newpoint ACT0213 Tel="TRACK" BC=1

We did this, but received warnings on the right side (LBC). The pointing offsets (these are all mode 3) on both sides were large and right M1 hit limits. We saw the mode 3 pointing offsets (not mode 1 manual pointing offsets or any mode 1 pointing offsets) changing and large. Is 2012F doing binocular range balancing? Why is it using mode 3?

-- OlgaKuhn - 07 Jun 2012
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