Night 3

Clouds and rain, but some notes on MODS:

* When an exposure time of 0.5 sec is requested, the header shows EXPTIME = 1.0. The counts do indicate that a 0.5 sec exposure time was used, however. See images: mods1(b,r).20111002.00N.fits where N is:

exptime B R ~counts B ~counts R
0.5 28 27 12,000 22,000
1.0 29 28 24,000 44,000
1.5 30 29 12,000 44,000

* When nimgs is changed during execution of a script and is lower than the original value (observer tries to stop a script but doesn't completely stop it... uses cntl-c and not abort may be what we did... and then runs another), we end up with a situation in which the image counter is greater than the nimgs requested. cntl-c the script stopped it.

* At the end of the night (4:25 am), because it was the end of the observing block, did execMODS

-- OlgaKuhn - 02 Oct 2011
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