1 October 2011: Night 2 AZ Science

01:10 Opening. Clear skies overhead. Clouds on SW horizon.

01:40 Sky flat done through mask. Red Grating.

01:45 Going to do pointing and collimation.

02:37 observing SN... setting and seeing is very poor here - hardly guiding. 2.3" *0.8" slit and dual grating mode. First two were based on no-alignment. (modsAlign crashed). About 1200 counts in Red and 600 in Blue. ... after this we aborted and ran modsAlign based on the acq images 10 and 11. Offset was X=1.374" and Y = 3.744"

03:10 acq another SN - seeing 1.85 - 2.3". elev 45 deg. Will take 2 600 sec exposures 0.8" slit

AO EVENT between WFS images 139 and 140, you can see 'bubbles' on WFS. Juan Carlos called as he noticed the M2 had safed itself... Geno restored this and it was OK.

04:31 Slewed and collimated to target. This target at high elevation, 60-50 degrees. Obtaining arcs at position of target.

04:35 Collimation not working since secondary event. The WFE reported is low, but the guide star and MODS images are obviously aberrated. And the WFS image shows spots off-center. Called John Hill and Juan Carlos.

05:34 Problem not resolved, but eager to get a spectrum, so observing ... execMODS B4_ls.obs 0.3" slit dual
Image Quality is horrible. Done with both 15-min spectra at about 06:15.

06:15 Geno initialized and then homed M2. Now making pointing and collimation corrections. But SX panicked. Recovered. Collimated - took a long time, but finally close and the lenslet array well illuminated.

06:58 acqMODS to a SN. (Smith) Observing it. Guide star FWHM was about 1" (acq image had 0.7"). 0.8" slit.

07:40 5" slit standard star. Feige 110. Instance while switching from dual grating to red-only mode and IMCS took a while to lock. DUAL never changed to RED-ONLY. Did this manually and re-ran this part of the script.

07:56 Slew to cluster/MOS field. Mask 1, ID53355, does not have alignment star boxes! Slew to cluster/MOS field Mask 2. No boxes either. *Boxes were not explicitly specified in design. This is a common trap as the software lets users specify alignment stars, but does not assume boxes will be drawn around these stars!*

09:04 Slew to J0145 (Bian). 1.2" slit and dual-prism

10:14 Dual prism spectrum of G191B2B. 15 sec through 1.2" slit.

10:18 Slew to Mask 1 field to obtain a 300 sec integration and see what galaxies can be seen (for preparation for observing through this mask Saturday night). Mask 1: ID533355 red-only

AO EVENT: 11:18 During 2nd spectrum on field, shell spontaneously 'safed' itself. See WFS images 725 (good) and 726 (bad).

11:54 After 2 exposures on Mask1, stopped because getting light...

11:55 Slew to SN (Smith). See image 73, poor collimation... Going to Persson star on axis. Stopped after almost 300 seconds as it was getting too light (stopped at ~05:30 MST).

end of night at zenith, dome dark, ran calibration script Oct1.multcal. Error in prlamps.cal, so must re-do

Problems encountered:
  • secondary "safed" itself twice: at 03:57 and at 11:18.
  • After first instance, pupil appeared very misaligned on WFS images. Homing secondary seemed to correct this. After second instance,homing secondary was not done or indicated.
  • SX M1 panicked during slew --- possibly forces driven in by odd M2.
  • masks were not cut with alignment star boxes - necessity of these needs to be emphasized.
  • had to run red fitsflush a couple of times to get the red images onto /newdata. (needed a third red fitsflush as last calibrations were not written to /newdata).
  • modsAlign gave some problems... displayed the incorrect image even though the correct one was specified on command line. We had the ds9 open already. Possible using frames. I opened the correct image in ds9, and then after that, modsAlign worked.
  • observers noted that calibrations done with 0.5-sec requested exposure time shows up as 1-sec in the header.
  • they note also that it would be very helpful for the data reduction if the slit positions are noted in the headers, as in the LUCI headers.

-- OlgaKuhn - 01 Oct 2011
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