28 September 2011: MODS Checkout

Late start because of clouds, but we opened at about 04:30 UT.

04:43 Tambient = 8.7 and Tmirror~10. RMS WFE ~ 173 nm now.

04:45 acqMODS UM_RMHstarsIRC10420_ls.acq.
  • modsalign -l 1 2
  • star is hugely bright - saturates even thru-slit. Exited script with "x" for abort.
  • so, by hand, we changed the filter (from g to u) and exposure time (from 10sec to 1sec) and clicked GO. Decided to move back to g.
  • edited the acquisition script to use this new exposure time. Ran with acqMODS -a UM_RMHstarsIRC10420_ls.acq to run the script without presetting again.
  • Now we had a pair which we could examine. These looked fine. Again "x" because no confirmatory image needed.

04:50 about execMODS UM_RMHstarsIRC10420_ls.obs numbers 7,8,9 Blue-only. We note images are not automatically transferred. After readout completes, run blue fitsflush in command line to transfer these files.

05:05 acqMODS OSU_sdssqsos_sdss2102.acq
red camera (r_sdss) modsalign -l 1 2 number 3 is confirmatory image.

05:16 execMODS OSU_sdssqsos_sdss2102.obs 5 1300 sec integrations. At 52 deg elevation, guide star has fwhm~ 1" and red acq image has fwhm ~ 0.7" for quasar at center. 0.6" slit, red only, gg495 blocking filter.

05:51 clouds came and guide star was lost. Hit "Pause" button but it read out the exposure (number 5). =If this happens again, just click "Stop" and then when the guide star reappears, hit "go". Or type "stop" and then "go" in the command line (where it is smart enough to know whether dual or red-only or blue-only).

05:55 clicked "go" to take the 2nd 1300sec exposure.

06:20 clicked "go" to take 3rd 1300sec exposure. elevation is 43 degrees. Number 6. 5 was the short one stopped early. 4 was the first 1300sec. Now, number 7 is the 3rd - with about 200 sec remaining, guide star signal starts to drop. Totally gone at end of exposure, 06:40.

Closed about 06:50 for clouds.

08:45 Rick editing partner accounts so they can run mods tools.
  • sshkeys --- if these are broken, will notice when mods1 status returns a password prompt.
  • cshrc (see ~MODSeng/modsBits.txt for the additions).

10:00 took a very long time (25 minutes) to converge on Persson star, pretty high elevation, >80deg.

10:07 acqMODS UM_RMHstarsM33_FHyperW_ls.acq red images 8 and 9 are slit and field images. Field image shows 0.5" seeing on Red. Guide star is 0.99". 65 deg elevation.

Ways to refine centering in acquisition:
  • modsalign -l thru-slit image to display only the confirmatory image. As usual, center cursor on slit and hit "x" "q" then on star and "a". If star is not too far off slit, centroiding should work.
  • enter in command line: offsetxy xoff" yoff" rel to make a relative offset of xoff" and yoff" in detector coordinates.
  • do the offset pointing in the GUI: DETXY relative delta_X delta_Y and then send offset.

10:16 execMODS UM_RMHstarsM33_FHyper_ls.obs for 11.

10:37 acqMODS OSU_sdssqsos_sdss0254.acq and then execMODS OSU_sdss0254.obs This will be Blue-only Grating. 0.6" slit. 3 500sec exposures. Clouds seem to have cleared, looking at all sky.

later execMODS OSU_sdssqsos_gd50.obs

11:22 non-script acq of StoneE-PA00_271 Chose from the catalog (StoneE_Nov)
  • select from catalog
  • check rotator, position, active mode. Send Preset.
  • Dichroic Dual. Blue Imaging Red Imaging Commit
  • Slit Mask Imaging
  • Command line. nimgs 1, exptime 60, imcslock (must wait until preset completes & inst is configured)
  • blue filter g_sdss, red filter r_sdss
  • rms at 167nm. GO for 60 sec (b 25, r 14) saturated.
  • exptime 30, go (b 26, r 15)

11:36 stepping rcamera focus a little:
  • rcamfoc 50 (mic) and then click GO on red channel 16
  • again17
  • did three step focus and exposures at blue and red

11:45 closing (twilight).

11:48 Calibrations needed: We obtained spectroscopy through the 0.6" slit (red-blue, Blue only and Red only) , 0.8" slit (Blue only)

12:08 executing a superscript (chmod +x Sept28.multcal) to obtain a set of flats for the night. "-u" means "unattended" (we can go sleep - more technically, if an error is encountered "-u" will abort the script and move on to the next one rather than prompt for abort, retry or ignore.). This superscript is in /home/OSURC/OBs/MODScalibs/Calib.
execMODS -u bgrflats_0.8.cal
execMODS -u grslitflat.cal
execMODS -u grflats.cal
execMODS -u bgrflats.cal
execMODS -u rgrflats.cal
execMODS -u /home/MODSeng/modsScripts/Support/modsSleep.pro
execMODS -u bias3K.cal
execMODS -u bias8K.cal

-- OlgaKuhn - 28 Sep 2011
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