LUCIFER Training & Preparations for Partner Science:
UT 2010 May 02

Observer: DThompson (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: WWack (Tucson)
Instrument Support: TShih
Telescope Support: JLittle, JUrban
SW support: DCox(on call)


  • Night lost to weather.
  • Several sets of data for linearity taken


  • All scripts updated to include reasonable ARCHIVE information
  • Completely logged out of LUCIFER computer to see if Skycat will auto display on fresh login...nope!


02:06 Test of linearity data-gathering script. All data o2dcr, normal saves. Seems to work OK. Will take some data later if the weather stays bad.
  • 0002-0003 1x2.0s
  • 0004-0005 1x3.0s

02:16 Some organized radar echoes are approaching from Tucson, and there are low clouds in that direction, so we are postponing opening.

03:40 Taking some linearization data with calibration unit. See ~/LBTO/Calibration/Linearity for scripts.
  • lowflux 0006-0039 (HALO3 lamp + Y2 and J filters)
  • medflux 0040-0073 (HALO3 lamp + Y1 and z filters)
  • highflux 0074-0111 (HALO3 lamp + J_low and clear filters)
  • lowflux 0112-0145 (HALO3 lamp + Y2 and J filters)
  • medflux 0146-0179 (HALO3 lamp + Y1 and z filters)

04:39 Opening enclosure. Still stuff approaching from west to keep an eye on.

04:47 Pointing check...(IE=-71, CA=-13, IA=-400 at start)
  • WT10_309 IE now -11.5 CA-2.5 EL=84
  • ACT0073 IA -393 EL=17
  • WT10_309 IE now -8.5 CA=-1.7

05:03 Collimate on BS9149 (on-axis). Seeing is bad enough and there is enough coma that this star is not working. Collimate on nearby pointing star for a few cycles and come back. FWHM~2.2 arcsec on guider. Nearing -Y limit on M1, correcting and then continuing to collimate. M1 air "dropped out".

05:36 Closing dome. It is ~80% cloudy and getting worse.

10:07 Still cloudy (forming locally). Ice on the all-sky camera and RH=89%. Calling it a night.

-- DavidThompson - 01 May 2010
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