14 Jan 2016 2nd half

John checked sending psuedo-bino LBCR + MODS preset after 4-hr transit program ran into DX M1 RY limit.

Kuhn observing:

MODS1 + LBCR pseudo-mono preset sent to 4c.
  • using F525LP
  • seeing is 0.75-0.6"
  • 09:50 seeing is going off... 1.0-1.3"
  • took a thru-slit image to check position... looks fine.
    • doing this, I let the script offset first. Had to go back to 0,0.
  • back to script, stepping right once (again) and left once.
    • right --- looks weaker.
    • left --- also weaker.
  • telluric star start at 04:05, am=1.057, HA=1:34

  • First set of LBC B/R biases:
    • LBC swing arms started to move when 13/25 red and 17/25 blue biases done.
      • red may have showed some noise.
  • Second set of LBC B/R biases
  • MODS1 grpixflats, slitflats (0.6" slit) and comparison lamps

Changed back to LBC v2.11 at end of night.

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