31 March 2015

Open 4:45am after threatening clouds pass. Going to try z-band observation of PDS456+K23 source.

Acquire PDS456. 60,61,62 is confirmatory thru-slit.

04:59 starting 2 600-sec science spectra. PDS456 PA=-24 deg. Seeing is 0.6"!!

LBCR taking a while to converge... 6 iterations. And it shows coma.

LBCR converged again. But again, images look terrible.

LUCI-z --- identified the K-band source (K23), but the snr is very low on it.

05:30 --- slew to telluric

05:41 -- observe telluric. 6/6 is probably off, because guider picked up on noise.

Data files are:

60 - image

61 - slit

62 - confirmatory

63,64,65 600-sec spectra

66 - telluric

68(and 67) - slit

69-74 telluric spectra

75-78 are comps (shouldn't have done these before the flats). Not many lines, but should be OK.

12:50 closed

Got some useful data, though the primary target probably had too low SNR to get much from it. Tried to take simultaneous LBCR data, however the collimation was terrible. It said it converged, but images were poor. It's not clear what was going wrong.

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