SDT Data Transfer to Tucson for Dissemination:

In the spirit of the SDT observations, the observing team members are requested to NOT copy the data to their laptops to work on it in advance of the official release.

LBTO will provide an external hard drive (or two) for transfer of SDT data from the mountain to Tucson. LBTO staff will coordinate with data centers in Germany and Italy to provide them with copies of the SDT data as rapidly as possible, to allow for a reasonably simultaneous release of SDT data from all three locations. The data will be retrieved from:

To connect the external hard drives to the archive for transfer of the data...

-- DavidThompson - 27 Dec 2006

Comment by Jill Bechtold -- Jan. 3, 2006:

We need to talk about this -- certainly this policy is coming from the LBTO, not the SDT team.

During the early runs we want as many people as possible looking at all the data as it comes in. Also, my hope is that somehow I will organize a rough pipeline to generate coadd-ed mosaics quickly, which are necessary to determine whether an observation is "done" or not. These mosaics would be put on the distribution archive so that people can look very quickly and see what they have. Also for the time critical observations, it would be useful to send these mosaics in advance of the total data release.

Since USB drives are really cheap, would it be possible to get the data to Tucson on a nightly basis? or every other night?

My informal discussion with SDT members is that we want to get data into people's hands as fast as possible to allow feedback to subsequent SDT observations. What I'm talking about here is not writing papers, but rather looking at the data to access data quality. Surely this can be accomplished, with the data releases to all partners happening say once a week.

Update, Feb. 14, 2007

Data will now be automatically distributed within ~12-18 hours of close of dome each morning. Open your browser and go to

The user name and password have been distributed to LBT consortium partners.
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