Use IRAF's qdisp to display image differences

  • run IRAF on some computer besides lucifer, e.g. obs2

cd iraf

  • epar LBTtools

ecl> lpar LBTtools
    (version = "LBTtools v0.90: Oct 2010") 
    (observer = "DThompson")                     Observer ID
    (camera = "LUC1")                                  Specify the camera
    (focstat = "RFBG")                                   If IRTC, which focal station?
    (archive = "/newdata/")                          Path to the archived images
    (utdate = 20110430)                             UT Date of the observations
    (CatDir = "default")                                Source catalog directory
    (Telside = "left")                                    Telescope side for IIF cmds?
    (calib = "")                                             Not used
    (motd = yes)                                         Type the welcome banner?
    (mode = "ql")           

  • Load LBTtools and mscred


  • Go to /scratch and make a directory in AZ. qdisp makes lots of files

  • open a ds9 window by clicking on the icon

  • epar qdisp

LBTtools> lpar qdisp
    timestamp = 1               Timestamp of image to be displayed
   (skytstamp = INDEF)          Timestamp of sky frame to subtract
     (examine = no)             Examine interactively?
     (verbose = yes)            Verbose output to screen?
        (mode = "ql")           

  • qdisp 1 sky=2 exam=yes

will display image luci.20110430.0001 - luci.20110430.0002 and leave you in imexam

  • qdisp 1 sky=INDEF

will display image luci.20110430.0001 in ds9 without subtracting sky

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