AZ (Arizona):

PI Topic
Balog Deep LBC Imaging of Rho Oph
Egami Deep LBT/LBC Imaging of the IRAC Dark Field
Fan The Galaxy Environment of a Luminous Quasar at z~6
Fan A LBT Survey of Quasars at the Reionization Epoch
Milne Late LBT Imaging of Types Ia/Ib/Ic Supernovae
Olszewski The Extended Structure of Two Recently-Discovered Dwarf Galaxies
Papovich Deep LBT Survey of High Redshift Galaxies in GOODS
Ryan Dark Lens
Stansberry KBO Binaries
Trilling The Edge of the Solar System: The LBT view of the Kuiper Belt
Weiner The Rise of the Red Field Galaxy Population: A Deep LBC Y-band Survey in the Extended Groth Strip
Zaritsky Extreme Star Formation In The Outer Disks of Spiral Galaxies

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