Generating an LBC Pointing Model from the LBC Red data taken on 20101215

The steps followed to generate a pointing model from these data taken on 20101215 are listed here:
  • Run LBTtools.LBC.qwcsauto on each of the LBC-Red pointing star images. By default, qwcsauto matches a 5' x 5' region of the USNO-A2 catalog centered at the coordinates of the Rotator Center to the stars detected on the image. When there are many stars, this works well, but when there are few stars, it took a few iterations, and as a last resort, I had to edit the cl script to allow it to match a larger region. For each star image, this output, in the working directory (/d1/kuhn/Point15Dec/), a fits file of the form, .fits, with a corrected WCS.
  • ls *.fits > 20101215Rptfiles.list
  • mktpfile: Note that ctrlM = no. Otherwise, the lines are truncated midway through, the file is interpreted as a Gemini file, and the results using this are of order 10000 arcsec off.
imgtools> lpar mktpfile
        inlis = "20101215Rptfiles.list" Input file list
       ptlogfile = "20101215.ptlog" Pointing log file from PCS?
      (outfile = "20101215Rfinal") Filename root for output data.
      (refXpix = 1080.)          Reference pixel X coordinate.
      (refYpix = 2912.)          Reference pixel Y coordinate.
      (ctrlM = no)             Trim the ^M at the end of each line?
      (verbose = yes)            Verbose output to screen?
      (ptlist = "")             
      (cplist = "")             
      (mode = "h")            
  • scp 20101215final"*" to telescope@lbtdu16. I created a directory, /home/telescope/okuhn/Pointing20101215R/ for this.
  • Follow the commands listed on the screen output of mktpfile.
    • /lbt/tpt/bin/ptconv < >
    • paste 20101215Rfinal.aux_A1A.dat > 20101215Rfinal.tpoint.in2
    • /lbt/tpt/bin/tpoint and fit using IA IE NPAE CA AW AN TF TX
    • OUTMOD 20101215Rfinal.tpoint.out8terms
[telescope@lbtdu16 Pointing20100919]$ more 20101215Rfinal.tpoint.out8terms
LBT Pointing Log File, 2010 Dec 15
T   28   3.6508    0.000   0.0000
  IA       -305.2905     8.64582
  IE        -70.2441     2.18312
  NPAE      +96.4315    10.53232
  CA       -204.5029    12.63259
  AW         +1.2196     0.83535
  AN        +21.3260     0.84047
  TF         +4.5184     6.04821
  TX        +12.8241     1.96515

Compare to existing pointing model that was created on 19 September:
LBT Pointing Log File, 2010 Sep 19
T   52   4.8936    0.000   0.0000
  IA       -388.7827     8.54484
  IE        -35.7521     2.41471
  NPAE      +18.0420     9.80759
  CA        -58.7461    12.15142
  AW         -0.4340     0.79855
  AN        +20.4733     0.77708
  TF        +46.8804     5.94714
  TX        +10.2072     1.74946

  • File NOT YET copied to /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PCS/LBCDX.20101215R.ptmod and the two lines of PCSInstrument.conf
which referred to the LBC Pointing Model NOT YET edited to replace the name of the old one (LBCSX.20100919.ptmod) with this filename.

  • Plot generated by TPOINT: fitting IA IE NPAE CA AW AN TF TX:

-- OlgaKuhn - 16 Dec 2010

  • 20101215Rplot.tpoint.8terms.jpg:
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