sky calendar Sunset: 1921, twiend: 2102/LST1322, midnightLST: 1620, twibegin: 0333/LST1955, sunrise 0512; note this 18 deg twilight, we can start/end at least 15 min earlier/later

for clear night (1) 2045-2245 EGS; (2) Bootes 2245 - 0115; (3) Herc: 0115-0345

for bad seeing (1) GRB fields; (2) SN fields

standards evening standards: SA 104, SA 107, midnight standards: SA 107, SA 110; morning standard, SA 107, SA 110

spectrophotometric standards BD+26;

filters to be used this run Bootes: U_s, Y_fan; EGS: U_B(?), Y; UMaII/Herc: B, r

instruction for Bootes field: start with OBs in Bootes directory (13 OBs remaining for the first pass), in directory Bootes

priority6_PA180 b02r, b04r, b15r

priority3_PA180 b11r

priority1_PA180 b24r, b56r

priority5_PA0 b25r, b36r

then move on to start second round of new OBs in directory Bootes_secondround

priority1_PA0 b21r2, b23r2, b30r2, b32r2, b34r2, b43r2 (skip b41r2)

Instruction for EGS field, in directory ob_egs.v2

in this order 5b, 5a, 5b, 1a, 1b, 1a, 1b

Instruction for Herc field, in directory Hect_May

Go through Herc_9 to Herc_16: if the blue side images are elongated to go back and repeat the number of spoiled exposures on the blue side, with only the blue side exposing so that it guides properly. It is more important that we get four or five pointings with a full complement of blue and red imaging than it is to get all of the pointings. Call Sand: 628-840-3588

-- XiaohuiFan - 26 May 2008
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