For the rest of this run, our fields are:

beginning of the night (1) If Sand feels needs to re-do some UMa OBs; (2) otherwise, we will start on Q1137 project, which uses Blue:r, Red:i/z filters.

Bootes field is up at about 22h, so should switch to Bootes then. As of Apr 8, we are in the middle of priority 4_PA0. first finish that. Then go to priority4_PA180. In that directory, b47r is done already. After finishing, move on to priority 5/6. If seeing is ~1.5", or there are cirrus on the sky. do each OB twice.

EGS change to EGS at about 1am, for about 1.5 hours. OBs are in ob_egs.v2 directory. Just use the EGS_Y OBs, ignore the i and phot OBs. Do EGS fields in order 4,2,5,1 (3 is done). Each field has 2 OBs, a and b, for different dithers. Each OB is 5x240 sec and should be done twice. So start by doing: EGS_Y_4a, EGS_Y_4b, EGS_Y_4a, EGS_Y_4b. Then go to field 2 and do EGS_Y_2a, EGS_Y_2b, EGS_Y_2a, EGS_Y_2b. These are all at PA=40, so focus with RB_rVfastextra_pa40.ob . One EGS_Y_4a has been done.

Bootes from 2h30 to 3h30, come back to Bootes.

Herc from 3h30 to 5h00 (12deg twilight), do Herc.

If photometric, then do a few standards, especially do BD+26UsY. But there are no calibration OBs for the deep fields that need to be done.

If seeing poor, >1.8", go to SN directory, and refer to emails from Milnes and SN_Apr.readme file in SN directory

-- XiaohuiFan - 08 Apr 2008
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