Observers - Xiaohui Fan, Linhua Jiang, Dave Sand, Stephane Herbert-Fort

Calendar - Sunset: 17:58, twiend: 19:21 (LST0417), twiend: 0545 (LST1442)

Afternoon - BiasTest.ob, Biast25Dark3.ob

Twilight - flatfield (UsY, BR, Vr)

If Photometric -

(1)Twilight standards: G191b2b, GD50; SA95, SA98 (1830-1930)

(2) First half field: UMaII field: UMaII_pos3_Br.ob, UMaII_pos4_Br.ob, UMaII_pos5_Br.ob, UMaII_pos6_Br.ob, UMaII_pos7_Br.ob, UMaII_pos8_Br.ob (filters Br), seeing < 1.2" (1930 - 0030)

(3) Midnight standards: SA98, SA101, SA104 (0030 - 0115)

(4) Midnight fields: NGC_3368_10step.ob (fiters VR), seeing<1.0" (0115 - 0200)

(5) Second half fields: Bootes field, b34r.ob, b41r.ob, b43r.ob, b20r, b22r, b24r, filters UsY, seeing < 1.2"; then calibration fields, bootes_cali_0.ob and bootes_cali_180.ob, filters UsY, no seeing requirements (0200 - 0530). towards the end of the night, if Bootes get too close to zenith, do another NGC galaxy.

(6) Twilight standards: SA104, SA107, SA110, then BD26 and GC153 (0530 - 0600)

(7) Morning twilight, Vr, BR, UsY

If non photometric -

do not do standards, and do not do bootes_cali fields

seeing requirement -

Both UMaII needs better than 1.5" seeing; NGC3368_10step needs better than 1.0" seeing. In case of 1.0 to 1.5" seeing, continue to do UMaII field until Bootes is up. If seeing is between 1.4 and 1.8, then do Bootes field, but repeat each OB twice. If seeing is between 1.8 and 2.2, repeat each OB three times.

Bad seeing fields - (2.0")

beginning of the night: SN07ax_VR, GRB080129; midnight: SN06x, SN07af, second half: bootes_cali.

-- XiaohuiFan - 08 Feb 2008
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