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SDT PartnerObserving Checklist

This page is a checklist of basic tasks from afternoon through morning for a night of SDT observing.

Afternoon (usually before 4:30pm)

The day crew will be working on the telescope until at least 4:30pm every weekday (M-Th), so these are tasks you can do without needing the telescope.

  • Put the LBC Control Panel into the House Keeping page, and make sure House Keeping is ON
  • Make sure the Cryostat temperature and pressure are normal (Temp 125-150K and Pressure 2e-5 - 1e-6mbar)
  • Setup the working scratch directory for the night:
    • launch IRAF if not already running
    • cd /scratch
    • mkdir (e.g., "mkdir 20071025")
    • cd
    • mscred (if not already loaded)
    • epar LBTtools, and change "utdate" entry to (e.g., 20071025)
    • run "prepdir" to setup the /scratch directory
  • Open the observing log in the wiki for the night.

Afternoon (after 4:30pm but before twilight)

Check with the telescope operator to make sure that the day crew has finished working with the telescope and that it is safe to turn off the lights and take bias and dark calibration data.

  • Turn ON the LBC instrument and wait for all systems to initialize
  • Connect to the LBT
  • Ask the TO to turn off the lights in the telescope chamber
  • Take bias frames
    • execute the 25bias.ob OB to take 25 bias frames
  • Take dark frame
    • execute the dark900.ob OB to take a 900s dark image
  • Check the bias and dark frames as per the Afternoon Check of Instrument instructions.

Evening Twilight

If conditions permit, at twilight you need to take sky flats and start the night's observing

  • At twilight, have the TO do the telescope adjustment
  • Have the TO point the LBT to the usual place for sky flats with tracking enabled.
  • If photometric, observe the Evening Twilight standard star fields

During the Night

  • Keep a running log of observing in the wiki
  • If photometric, observe the Midnight standard star field(s)
  • Keep an eye on humidty, wind, and other weather conditions

Morning Twilight

If conditions permit before dawn after the last science field has been observed...

  • If photometric observe the end of night standard star fields
  • As the sky brightens, setup to take remaining sky flats
    • Have TO point telescope to the usual place for sky flats with tracking enabled.
    • Take sky flats following the SkyFlatCalib instructions
  • Put the instrument to sleep for the day
    • Disconnect from the LBT (Power Control panel)
    • Turn OFF the Camera
    • Leave House Keeping ON
  • Leave the LBC Control Panel into the House Keeping page
  • Close out the nightly observing log

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