How to Observe A Telluric Standard for a MOS mask

We have written a perl script that allows placing the Telluric star in the leftmost and rightmost slits in an MOS mask. This script is called "" and the user will need to set some parameters related to coordinates of the Telluric and Guide stars, the readout modes and integration times. Because of the way Lucifer runs, there is also the need of some manual intervention by the observer. The script will create two files:



The first of these will automatically

1. set the telescope (and wait for collimation)

2. place the mask in the turnout position

3. setup parameters for readout, exposure time etc.

4. take an image of the telluric star and pause.

At this point the observer must intervene manually:

a. Observer MUST save image manually using the Readout Manager GUI. This image is loaded into skycat;

b. in the Telescope Control GUI press "shift image" (under "Acquisition"), which will fire the PickObject GUI. Center star;

c. place cursor on position 1024 1024 (use a generous zoom) and click; the X, Y offsets are calculated automatically. Press "commit" (lower left box of telescope control)

d. Once "Commit Telescope" becomes orange, move mask into FPU one the Instrument Control GUI. Press "Commit Instrument Setup"

e. then press "return" in the script, which will take an image with the slit mask in. Press save image. If all runs well, the star should be positioned inside the slit when seen in skycat.

E. McLinden, M. Rex. O. Kuhn, C. Willmer

-- ChristopherWillmer - 14 Oct 2010
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