Planning Tools

  • airmass vs time plot tool from ING LBT coordinates: E longitude[deg] and latitude[deg] and altitude[m] are 250.111 32.7013 3221 Note that this tool assumes that the local time at LBT is 6 hrs behind UT and that daylight savings time is observed, both of which are incorrect. The local time at LBT is always 7 hrs behind UT.
  • skycalc (by John Thorstensen): use to compute airmass vs time, object-moon distance, parallactic angle. This is installed on the LBT machines and there is an entry "g" for LBT. Type skycalc to run.
  • LBT Almanac for 2007: lists times of sunrise/sunset, morning/evening twilight and moon phase. Computed from Thorstensen's skycalendar.
  • altaz.pdf altitude vs azimuth for declinations > -50 degrees and HA in 30 min increments (HA=0 center line at az=180 for objects to the South, and at 0/360 degrees for objects to the North)
  • Parallactic Angle: A plot of parallactic angle vs HA (for Palomar, latitude just ~1 deg N of LBT) can be found in "The Importance of Atmospheric Differential Refraction in Spectrophotometry" Filippenko, A. 1982 PASP, 94, 715.

Coordinate conversions

There are various tools to convert hour angle and declination to azimuth-altitude. The latitude of LBT is 32.701309.
  • IDL programs: IDL has the programs, hadec2altaz and altaz2hadec, in its astron library. (A pair of LBT-specific coordinate conversion programs will be written around these, called hd2aa and aa2hd).
  • HA-DEC/Alt-Az conversion can be calculated through the web-interface on this Wise Observatory page

Display Tools

  • ds9: The standard tool used at LBT.
  • Starlink/GAIA: Type gaia to run. The GAIA home page at includes a complete list of its functionalities. Among these, the abliity to overplot popular catalogs (e.g. GSC, USNO-B1) and to download and display sky images, may be useful to observers.
  • for automatic real-time display of LBC images (science and technical chip #1) launch the 2 python scripts:
    • /home/lbcobs/supportscripts/ObserverSupport/
    • /home/lbcobs/supportscripts/ObserverSupport/

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