INAF queue observing, 2022 May 26 - May 27

Observer: B. Rothberg
Telescope Operator: J. Williamns
Astronomers from Italy: Felice Cusano , Simona Paiano
Instrument: LBC


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is clear.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 03:20 - 11:10 UT = 7 h 50 m
Observing time: 07h 25min (%)*
Weather time loss: 00h 00min (%)*
Technical time loss: 00h 25min (%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibration - Izzo DARK LUCI1-2 IMA dark_20NDIT+24NDITx2p51_bino      
Calibration - Piconcelli DARK LUCI1-2 LS        
Calibration - Mannucci AO DARK LUCI1-AO        
Calibration Bias LBC-Bino       25 LBC-B 25 LBC-R / Seeing noise on the LBC-R biases
Calibration -Rossi/Palazzi/Paiano Bias MODS1-2 LS bias1kx1k, bias3kx3k, bias8kx3k      
Calibration -Rossi/Palazzi/Paiano Flats MODS1-2 LS dual_slitless      
Calibration -Rossi/Palazzi/Paiano Arcs MODS1-2 LS dual_arcs,      
Calibration sky flats LBC-Bino U-Spec, g-sloan - z-sloan, I-Bessel      
Palazzi SLSN2020abjc LBC-Bino u,g - r,z 0.35h+0.35h   ~seeing 0.8-1"
Nardiello NGC5272 LBC-Bino B - I     seeing~0.6-1", problem with LBC software 5-6images in the same position, we were not able to dither, changing target
Nardiello NGC5466 LBC-Bino B - I 0.75h+0.75h   seeing~0.8", BI-1 done seeing~0.75", BI-2 done seeing=0.7" , BI-3 done seeing=0.8"
Nardiello NGC5466 LBC-Bino U - V 1.71h+1.71h   seeing~0.8", UV-1 done seeing~0.6", UV-2 seeing=0.75" , UV-3 done seeing=0.8" (LBCR 074438 - double images - jump during exposure, no issues in the LBCB image)
Vito J1641 LBC-Bino g+i 1.0h+1.0h   (g+i)_1->done, seeing~0.7", LBCR-085828 Scrambled image, (g+i)_2->, seeing~0.7" - seeing stable during the whole observation
Giunta Twilight field LBC-Bino   0.25h+0.25h   search_twil_1, search_twil_2, search_twil_3 are done!
Calibration Skyflats LBC-Bino        
Detailed log by Barry Rothberg at this link:
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