INAF queue observing, 2024 Apr 11 - Apr 12

Observer: Felice Cusano , Andrea Rossi
Support: Andrew Cardwell
Telescope operator : Riccardo Ansaldi
Instrument: MODS


These observations have been performed from the control room of LBT at the summit by Felice Cusano and Andrea Rossi.

Weather was good, we observed all the night with MODS. Some technical problems, see summary and log for details.
NOTE: mods2r files have a problem with header. They report two times some keywords, like the keyword MASKNAME. The correct one is the first that appears in the header.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 2:45 - 11:45 UT = * 9h* * 00m*
Observing time: 7h 25min (85%)*
Weather time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*
Technical time loss: 1h 35min (15%)*
Shark-VIS time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*

Data Summary
Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Notes
Marchesi 1030z28 MODS1+2 dual 1.3h mask1052 completed
Gatto Sext2 MODS1+2 dual 1.4h  
LaBarbera NGC4472 MODS1+2 dual 0.28h seeing>1.5", do not consider this
Bischetti J1318 MODS1+2 redgrating 0.5h seeing~1"
Bischetti J1421 MODS1+2 redgrating 0.5h seeing~1"
Bischetti J1536 MODS1+2 redgrating 0.5h seeing ~0.9"
Troja GRB2400402B MODS1+2 gr dual-imaging 1.2h g for free, FWHM<1"
Troja GRB2400402B MODS1+2 gz dual-imaging 0.8h g for free, FWHM<1"
Giannini Gaia18ale MODS1+2 dual 0.25h half time as target is brighter than in catalog
Further details in the log by LBT-Italia at this link:

and log from Andrew Cardwell:
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