INAF queue observing, 2023 October 20 - October 21

Observer: Felice Cusano, Andrea Rossi
Support: Alex Becker
Telescope operator : Steve Allanson
Instrument: MODS1+2 / PEPSI


These observations have been performed at the remote control room in Bologna by Felice Cusano and Andrea Rossi. Alex Becker is giving support remotely from Tucson. At the sunset there are some clouds, but we can open. We start with MODS

At sunset the sky is clear. We open at sunset. TMS is not available tonight.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:45 - 12:15 UT = * 10h* * 30m*
Observing time: 10h 5min (96%)*
Weather time loss: 0h 5min (1%)*
Technical time loss: 0h 20min (3%)*
Shark-VIS time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Notes
Giannini Gaia23bab MODS1-2 dual grating   more exps for clouds completed
Giannini Gaia23bab MODS1-2 dual imaging   completed
Grazian Q25872098 MODS1-2 dual grating   completed
Grazian Q1169696 MODS1-2 dual grating   completed
Ighina PSJ2240-10 MODS1-2 dual grating   one exp more for clouds completed
Grazian Q1146202 MODS1-2 dual grating   completed
Grazian Q27360072 MODS1-2 dual grating   completed
Giannini Gaia22ehn MODS1-2 dual grating   completed one exp more in mods2, no imaging
STD GD71 MODS1-2 red+dual    
Marini IRAS_05089 PEPSI CD3-5   completed SN 130-300
Bellazzini 1025229691651265536 PEPSI CD3-6   SN 121-118 completed
Bragaglia M37_GDR3_3451177406853140864 PEPSI CD3-5   SN 150-270 completed
Bragaglia M37_GDR3_3451177406853140864 PEPSI CD1-4   SN 80-300 completed
Bragaglia M37_GDR3_3451177406853140864 PEPSI CD1-6   SN 80-320 completed
Bellazzini 590801995997827200 PEPSI CD3-6   SN 120-110 completed
Detailed log at this link:

Further details in the Log by Alex Becker at this link:

PEPSI log:

Summary of MODS science files:
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