INAF queue observing, 2023 Jun 01 - Jun 02

Observer: Ester Marini, Felice Cusano
Support: Dave Thompson
Telescope operator : John Hill !
Instrument: PEPSI


These observations have been performed by Ester Marini and Felice Cusano from the summit of the LBT.

At sunset the sky has thick clouds. We have to wait for the clouds moving away. We open at 06:43UT and since there are still some clouds we start with PEPSI.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 03:40 - 11:10 UT = * 7h* * 30m*
Observing time: 3h 10min (42.2%)*
Weather time loss: 4h 24min ( 57.8%)*
Technical time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Marini HD341617/IRAS_18062+2410 PEPSI CD2-CD5     texp increased due to clouds. S/N= 310 on the red and 210 on the blue
Marini EM*StHA161/IRAS_19200+3457 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N 470 on the red 240 on the blue
Marini Min 1-92/IRAS_19343+2926 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 70, red 243
Marini V1027 Cyg/IRAS_20004+2955 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 181, red 1100
Marini EM*VES 351/IRAS_20572+4919 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 102, red 394
Marini Hen1-5/IRAS_20097+2010 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 72, red 146
Marini LS II+34 26/IRAS_20462+3416 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 113, red 233
Marini Min 1-92/IRAS_19343+2926 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 45, red 161, done again with texp halved to reach the requested S/N
Marini EM*GGR44/IRAS_22023+5249 PEPSI CD2-CD5     S/N blue 122, red 284
Detailed log by Felice and Ester at this link:
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