-- AndreaRossi - 11 Nov 2022

INAF queue observing, 2022 Nov 10 - Nov 11

Observer: Andrew Cardwell
Telescope Operator: Josh Williams
Astronomers from Italy: Andrea Rossi and Simona Paiano
Instrument: LUCI


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers connected from Italy.

At sunset humidity is 80% dropping from 100%. We open at 55% at 00:45 and sky is clear.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:20 - 12:50 UT = * 11h* * 30m*
Observing time: 09 h 30 min (83%)*
Weather time loss: 00 h 00 min (0%)*
Technical time loss: 02 h 00 min (17%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibration           see log
Caratti DDT Mol 77 LUCI1 AO ima: Ks,H2,J 0.1h+0.5h+0.1h   We stop at 10images of J band, H band TBD
STD GSPC P576-F LUCI1       for Caratti
Rossi DDT GRB 221009A LUCI1+2 H+K imaging 0.1 hr    
STD HIP952 LUCI1+2 K G210     for Grazian 19
Grazian 19 SDSSJ0029 LUCI1+2 K G210 3/2.5h   30min more for jumping seeing
STD HIP952 LUCI1+2 H G210     for Grazian 19
Grazian 19 SDSSJ0029 LUCI1+2 H G210 1h+1h luci1.20221111.[0152-0163] , luci2.20221111.[0092-0193] seeing~0.8-0.9"
Telluric Tozzi HIP13917 LUCI1+2 K G210     for Tozzi
Telluric Grazian HIP39929 LUCI1+2 K G210      
Grazian_19 SDSSJ0918+5104 LUCI1+2 K G210 2.5+2.5 luci1.20221111.[0189-0218] , luci2.20221111.[0129-0158] seeing ~ 1", (0.5+0.5hrs after morning twilight)

Detailed log by Andrew at this link:

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