-- AndreaRossi - 19 Oct 2022

INAF queue observing, 2022 Oct 19 - Oct 20

Observer: Alexander Becker
Telescope Operator: Josh Williams
Astronomers from Italy: Andrea Rossi and Felice Cusano
Instrument: MODS


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers connected from Italy.

At sunset the sky has passing cirrus. We open at 00:55.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 02:09 - 12:15 UT = * 10h* * 06m*
Observing time: 9 h 26 min (93.4%)*
Weather time loss: 0 h 00 min (0%)*
Technical time loss: 0 h 40 min (6.6%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
STD Feige110 MODS1-2 red grating   mods1r.0005-0007 , mods2r.0006-0008 for De Carli
STD Feige110 MODS1-2 dual grating   mods1b.0003-005,mods1r.0008-0010 , mods2b.0003-005,mods2r.0009-0011 cirrus, maybe useless
Rossi GRB221009A MODS1-2 dual, gri 0.5hr mods1b.0006-0013,mods1r.0011-0018 , mods2b.0006-0013,mods2r.0012-0019 seeing~1.2"
DeCarli PSO331.93 MODS1-2 red, 1.2slit 0.33hr mods1r.0023-0025 , mods2r.0023-0025 seeing~1.3",+1 exposure per arm
Grazian_16 Q1146176 MODS1-2 dual, 1.2slit 0.20hr mods1b.0014,mods1r.0030 , mods2b.0014,mods2r.0030  
Grazian_16 Q1146202 MODS1-2 dual, 1.2slit 0.22hr mods1b.0015,mods1r.0034 , mods2b.0015,mods2r.0034  
DeCarli PSO333.07 MODS1-2 red, 1.2slit 0.33hr mods1r.0038-0039 , mods2r.0039-0040 seeing ~1.1"
DeCarli PSO345.09 MODS1-2 red, 1.2slit 0.5hr mods1r.0044-0046 , mods2r.0045-0047 seeing ~1.2"
Pentericci UDS2 MODS1-2 bluegrating, MOS ID593032 2h mods1b.00,mods1r.00 , mods2b.00,mods2r.00 clouds during last exposure, to be done again
STD Feige110 MODS1-2 blue grating   mods1b.00-00 , mods2b.00-00 for Pentericci
Telluric HIP8007 LUCI1-2 G200-HKspec     for Bisogni
Bisogni W1 LUCI1-2 G200-HKspec 1.5h   seeing ~1"
La Forgia Didymos LUCI1-2   h    
Detailed log by Alexander Becker at this link:

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