INAF queue observing, 2022 March 8 - March 9

Observer: B. Rothberg
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Astronomers from Italy: Felice Cusano, Simona Paiano, Ester Marini
Instrument: LUCI, LBC


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is clear. Conditions look good, ext temperature -3.1C, mirror -4.4C.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 02:15 - 12:45 UT = 10 h 30 m
Observing time: 9h 50min (94%)*
Weather time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*
Technical time loss: 0h 40min (6%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Mannucci_AO_1 J0732 LUCI1-AO Ks,H 0.5h/0.5h luci1.0026-0044 seeing~1", fwhm~0.07"
Mannucci_AO_1 J0812-0040 LUCI1-AO Ks,H 0.5h/0.5h luci1.0045-0062 seeing~0.9", fwhm~0.092"
Mannucci_AO_1 J0812+2007 LUCI1-AO Ks,H 0.5h/0.5h luci1.0063-0084 seeing~0.8", fwhm~0.08"
Mannucci_AO_1 J0927 LUCI1-AO Ks,H 0.7h/0.5h luci1.0085-0102 seeing~0.8", fwhm~0.16" then after gain adj fwhm~0.08"
Mannucci_AO_1 J0950+4329 LUCI1-AO Ks,H 0.5h/0.5h luci1.0113-0130 seeing~1", fwhm~0.1"
Rossi GRB 211211A LUCI1+2 Ks 1h+1h luci1.0131-190, luci2.0008-0067 fwhm~0.8" DIMM~1"
Vito J1641 LBCb+r r+z 0.5+0.5h   first OB: DIMM 0.9-1", FWHM ~0.7" on red, see log for trails
Vito J1641 LBCb+r r+z 0.2+0.2h   second OB, interrupted, FWHM ~0.9" on red
Giunta twilight_field LBCb+r g+i     morning_search_1.xml
Giunta twilight_field LBCb+r g+r     morning_search_2.xml
Giunta twilight_field LBCb+r g+z     morning_search_3.xml
Giunta twilight_field LBCb+r g+i     morning_search_1.xml again, we have time
CALIB SKYFLATS LBCb+r r+z     g (blue) and r,i (red) already in archive from pre-INAF nights
Deatailed log by Barry Rothberg at this link:
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