-- EsterMarini - 06 Feb 2022

INAF queue observing, 2022 February 5 - February 6

Observer: B. Rothberg <br />
Telescope Operator: D. Garcia-Huerta <br />
Astronomers from Italy: Ester Marini, Felice Cusano <br />
Instrument: MODS


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel<br />
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is clear.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:50 - 13:20 UT = 11 h 30*m* <br />
Observing time: 10h 50min (94.3%)* <br />
Weather time loss: h min (0%)* <br />
Technical time loss: 0h 40min (5.7%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
STD GD71 MODS1+2 dualgrating   mods1/2b.0021-0023, mods1r.0017-0019; mods2r.0018-0020 for Biazzo
Biazzo F1 MODS1+2 dualgrating MOS ID592556 1h/1h mods1b.0024-0026, mods1r.0023-0025; mods2b.0024-0026, mods2r.0024-0026 Seeing ~ 1"
Biazzo F1 MODS1+2 ima g+r 4m/4m mods1b.0027-0030, mods1r.0026-0029; mods2b.0027-0030, mods2r.0027-0029 Seeing ~ 1", we missed the 1st dither position in mods2r but we decided not to redo it because we had persistence in the first image of LS_7
Biazzo LS_7 ID6 MODS1+2 dualgrating 1h/1h mods1b.0031-0033, mods1r.0033-0035; mods2b.0031-0033, mods2r.0033-0035 Seeing ~ 1-0.7"
Biazzo LS_1 ID8-ID13 MODS1+2 dualgrating 1h/1h mods1b.0034-0036, mods1r.0039-0041; mods2b.0034-0036, mods2r.0039-0041 Seeing ~ 0.7"
Biazzo LS_4 ID12 MODS1+2 dualgrating 1h/1h mods1b.0037-0039, mods1r.0045-0047; mods2b.0037-0039, mods2r.0046-0048 Seeing ~ 0.7
Biazzo LS_5 ID47-ID71 MODS1+2 dualgrating 1.3h/1.3h mods1b.0040-0043, mods1r.0051-0054; mods2b.0040-0042, mods2r.0053-0056 Seeing ~ 0.8"
Rossi GRB211023A MODS1+2 dualgrating 2h/2h mods1b.0044-0045, mods1r.0058-0059; mods2b.0043-0044, mods2r.0060-0061 Seeing ~ 0.8"
Saracco RDCS0910 MODS1+2 red grating 4h/11h mods1r.0064-0071; mods2r.0070-0077 Seeing ~ 0.6"!, between the first two science images in MODS1 the relative offset is 1.5" and not 3" for a problem in MODS1 software
STD Feige 34 MODS1+2 red grating   mods1r.0074-0076; mods2r.0080-0082  
STD Feige 34 MODS1+2 dual   mods1b.0046-0048, mods1r.0077-0079; mods2b.0045-0047, mods2r.0083-0085  
Paiano 4FGLJ1047 MODS1+2 dualgrating 1.67h/2h mods1b.0049-00, mods1r.00-00; mods2b.0048-00, mods2r.00-00 last exp in twilight
Calibration flat &arc MODS1+2 dualgrating     Saracco, Biazzo, Rossi
Deatailed log by Barry Rothberg at this link:

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