-- EsterMarini - 06 Nov 2021

INAF queue observing, 2021 November 05 - November 06

Observer: O. Kuhn
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Astronomers from Italy: Felice Cusano, Simona Paiano, Ester Marini
Instrument: MODS


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is clear, starting observations at twilight.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:20 - 12:45 UT = 11 h 25m
Observing time: 10h 25min (91%)*
Weather time loss: 1h 0min (9%)*
Technical time loss: h min (0%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Standard Feige 110 MODS1-2 dualgrating   mods1/2b.0003-0005 ; mods1r.0020-0022 ; mods2r.0021-0023] for Giannini
Standard Feige 110 MODS1-2 redgrating   mods1r.0023-0025 ; mods2r.0024-0026 for Saracco
Giannini Gaia20cwd MODS1-2 dualgrating 0.5/0.5h mods1/2b.0006-0007, mods1/2r.0030-0031 seeing ~0.7" on guider
Giannini Gaia20cwd MODS1-2 imaging 0.02h mods1/2b.00XX-XX, mods1r.0035-0037 ; mods2r.00XX-00XX saturates with 60s exposure. Reduced to 10s
Giannini Gaia17bpi MODS1-2 dualgrating 0.5/0.5h mods1/2b.0014-15, mods1r.0044-0045 ; mods2r.0041-0042 seeing ~0.7" on guider
Giannini Gaia17bpi MODS1-2 imaging 0.1/0.1h(b); 0.12/0.1h(r) mods1/2b.0016-18, mods1r.0035-0037 ; mods2r.0043-0045 Repeat exposures at z and i with 20s
Giannini Gaia19pbg MODS1-2 dualgrating 0.3/0.3h mods1/2b.0019-0020, mods1r.0062-0063 ; mods2r.0059-0060 seeing ~0.7-0.8" on guider
Giannini Gaia19pbg MODS1-2 imaging 0.02h mods1/2b.0021-0023, mods1r.0064-0066 ; mods2r.0061-0063 Script edited with exptime 10s
Saracco RCS0221-03 MODS1-2 MOS redgrating IDID565554 8.5/8h mods1r.[0054-0058,0071-0082] ; mods2r.[0051-0055,0068-0079] some exp are affected by clouds (see below) so we took one more exp
Biazzo Sh2-284 F09 MODS1+2 MOS dual ID593011 2/2h mods1b.0024-26, mods1r.0086-0088 ; mods2b.0024-0026, mods2r.0084-0086 seeing~0.8-0.6"
Biazzo Sh2-284 F09 MODS1+2 MOS dual g,r 0.07/0.07h mods1/2b.0027-0030 ; mods1r.0089-0092 , mods2r.0087-0090 seeing~ 0.5”
Rossi GRB210919A MODS1+2 dualgrating 0.5h mods1b.0031, mods1r.0096 ; mods2b.0031, mods2r.0094 seeing~1", PI asked to do only one exp of 900s
Rossi GRB211023B MODS1+2 dualgrating 1.3/1.5h mods1/2b.0032-0034, mods1/2r.0101-0103 seeing~1.2" on guider, stopped 5mins before due to sky bright.
Detailed log by Olga Kuhn at this link:


Other notes

Exp Times for Giannini's imaging are related to non-saturated images.

Saracco's observations are affected by passing clouds. In particulare the exposures:

mods1r.0073 ; mods2r.0069-0070 ; mods1r.0076 ; mods2r.0073 (drop in the flux in the middle of the exposure for the latter two)
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