-- SimonaPaiano - 03 Nov 2021

INAF queue observing, 2021 November 02 - November 03

Observer: O. Kuhn
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Astronomers from Italy: Simona Paiano, Ester Marini, Andrea Rossi
Instrument: PEPSI, MODS


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is cloudy We open.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:20 - 12:45 UT = 11 h 25m
Observing time: 11 h 15 min (98%)*
Weather time loss: 0 h 10 min (2%)*
Technical time loss: 0 h 00 min (0%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
CALIB slitlessflat MODS1-2 dualgrating   mods[1,2]r.0003-0007 -mods[1,2]b.0003-0012 Biazzo
CALIB arcs MODS1-2 dualgrating   mods[1,2]r.0008-0010 -mods[1,2]b.0013-0015 Paiano
Cusano Gaia21efs PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-5     S/N(blue)~60, S/N(red)~250, seeing~0.5"
Ripepi UCAC4 592-100381 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~70, S/N(red)~220
Ripepi NSVS 8394284 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~70, S/N(red)~220
Ripepi NSVS 1246854 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~170, S/N(red)~260
Clementini TYC 3970-844-1 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-4     S/N(blue)~90, S/N(red)~190
Clementini GaiaDR2 1982512068675148032 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-4     S/N(blue)~70, S/N(red)~110
Rainer HAT-P-38 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD1-4     S/N(blue)~40, S/N(red)~210, seeing ~0.6-0.7"
Rainer HAT-P-38 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-5     S/N(blue)~105, S/N(red)~260
Rainer HAT-P-38 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-6     S/N(blue)~XXX, S/N(red)~245
Rainer K2-77 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD1-4     S/N(blue)~35, S/N(red)~220, seeing~0.6-0.7"
Rainer K2-77 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-5     S/N(blue)~80, S/N(red)~275
Rainer K2-77 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-6     S/N(blue)~150, S/N(red)~250, seeing~0.8"
Ripepi NSVS 4269811 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~62, S/N(red)~197
Ripepi UCAC4 660-036351 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~115, S/N(red)~234
Ripepi UCAC4 593-018905 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(blue)~219, S/N(red)~388
Clementini Gaia DR2 980773034927503104 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-4     S/N(blue)~80, S/N(red)~197
Bellazzini Gaia DR2 984532162102824576 PEPSI1-2 CD3-6     S/N(blue)~96, S/N(red)~160
Bellazzini Gaia DR2 3106245765814683264 PEPSI1-2 CD3-6     S/N(blue)~98 S/N(red)~146
Bellazzini Gaia DR2 670778131044371712 PEPSI1-2 CD3-6     S/N(blue)~84, S/N(red)~134
Biazzo Sh2-284 F3 MODS1+2 MOS dual ID590718 0.5+0.5h mods1r.0015-17,mods1b.0019-21,mods2r.0014-16,mods2b.0020-22 persistence in 1st spectra
Biazzo Sh2-284 F3 MODS1+2 MOS dual g,r 0.02h mods1r.0018-24,mods1b.0022-28,mods2r.0017-23,mods2b.0023-29 DIMM ~0.8"
Biazzo Sh2-284 F4 MODS1+2 MOS dual ID590925 0.5+0.5h mods1r.0029-31,mods1b.0029-31,mods2r.0028-30,mods2b.0030-32 a bit of persistence in 1st spectra
Biazzo Sh2-284 F4 MODS1+2 MOS dual g,r 0.02h mods1r.0032-38,mods1b.0032-38,mods2r.0031-37,mods2b.0033-39 DIMM ~0.8"
STD GD71 MODS1+2 dualgrating   mods1r.0041-43,mods1b.0039.41,mods2r.0040-42,mods2b.0040-42 for Biazzo
CALIB BIAS       mods1r.0044-52,mods1b.0042-50; mods2r.0043-51, mods2b.0043-51  
CALIB twilight flats MODS1+2 g+r   mods1r.0049-54,mods1b.0047-51; mods2r.0048-53,mods2b.0048-53 best for imaging
CALIB arcs,flat MODS1-2 MOS dualgrating ID 590718   mods1r.0059-67,mods1b.0057-65; mods2r.0058-66,mods2b.0058-66 Biazzo F3 repeated some, see log
CALIB arcs,flat MODS1-2 MOS dualgrating ID 590925   mods1r.0068-94,mods1b.0066-80; mods2r.0067-75,mods2b.0067-75 Biazzo F4 repeated some, see log
CALIB slitflat MODS1-2 dualgrating 5arcsec   mods1r.0095-97,mods1b.0082-87; mods2r.0076-78,mods2b.0076-81  
CALIB BIAS MODS1+2 3kx3k   mods1r.0098-102,mods1b.0088-92; mods2r.0079-83,mods2b.0082-86 imaging
Detailed log by Olga Kuhn at this link:

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