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INAF queue observing, 2021 October 14 - October 15

Observer: D. Thompson
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Astronomers from Italy: Andrea Rossi, Felice Cusano
Instrument: PEPSI, LUCI


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy.

At the sunset the sky is clear and conditions are good, we open the dome.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 01:45 - 12:30 UT = 10 h 45m
Observing time: 10h 30min (98%)*
Weather time loss: 0h 0min (0%)*
Technical time loss: 0h 15min (2%)*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Ripepi Gaia2246124001521354368 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(red)~270
Ripepi NSVS 8394284 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(red)~250
Ripepi UCAC4 592-100381 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(red)~220
Clementini TYC 3970-844-1 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-4     S/N(red)~170
Clementini Gaia1982512068675148032 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-4     S/N(red)~164
Ripepi ASASSN-V J021635.96+651035.5 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(red)~200
Rainer Kepler-1517 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD1-4     S/N(red)~167
Rainer Kepler-1517 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-5     S/N(red)~209
Rainer Kepler-1517 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-6     S/N(red)~193
Rainer Kepler-5 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD1-4     S/N(red)~114
Rainer Kepler-5 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD2-5     S/N(red)~138
Rainer Kepler-5 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-6     S/N(red)~150
Rainer Kepler-5 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-6     S/N(red)~150
Ripepi UCAC4 660-036351 PEPSI1-2 D300/CD3-5     S/N(red)~243
La Barbera Feige110 LUCI1 G210 H 0.5"   luci1.20211015.0005-0008  
Telluric HIP 1383 LUCI1 G210 H 0.5"   luci1.20211015.0012-0017  
La Barbera HD 27524 LUCI1 G210 H 0.5"   luci1.20211015.0022-0029  
Telluric HD 22859 LUCI1+2 G200 zJ+HK   luci1.0033-40,luci2.0005-0012 for Giannini
Giannini Gaia21bkw LUCI1+2 G200 zJ+HK 0.5+0.5h luci1.0045-0052,luci2.0018-0024 DIMM variable ~1.2-2",clear
Giannini Gaia21bkw LUCI1+2 JHK ima 0.1h luci1.0053-0067,luci2.0025-0039 DIMM ~1.5"
Giannini Gaia21arv LUCI1+2 JHK ima 0.1h luci1.0068-0082,luci2.0040-0054 DIMM ~1"
Giannini Gaia18cjb LUCI1+2 JHK ima 0.1h luci1.0083-0097,luci2.0055-0069 DIMM ~1"
Giannini Gaia18cjb LUCI1+2 G200 zj+HK 0.5+0.5h luci1.0092-0109,luci2.0074-0081 DIMM ~1.1"
Telluric HD 38088 LUCI1+2 G200 zJ+HK   luci1.0113-0120,luci2.0085-0092 for Giannini
Giannini Gaia21arv LUCI1+2 G200 zj+HK 0.5+0.5h luci1.0125-0132,luci2.0097-0104 DIMM 1-1.5"
Telluric HD 52461 LUCI1+2 G200 zJ+HK   luci1.0136-0143,luci2.0108-0115 for Giannini
Giannini Gaia19fct LUCI1+2 G200 zj+HK 0.5+0.5h luci1.0149-0156,luci2.0120-0127 DIMM ~1"
Giannini Gaia19fct LUCI1+2 K ima --   saturates in K; we stop
Detailed log by D. Thompson at this link:

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