-- SimonaPaiano - 20 Sep 2021

INAF queue observing, 2021 September 19 - September 20

Observer: A. Cardwell
Telescope Operator: J. Williams
Astronomers from Italy: Simona Paiano , Felice Cusano
Instrument: PEPSI


Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation these observations have been performed by LBTO personel
through the indications of LBT Italian observers (F. Cusano, A. Rossi, S. Paiano and E. Marini) connected from Italy. At the sunset the sky is cloudy and with fog. The humidity is high (~99%) and with a increasing trend, we cannot open.
We open at 5:20 humidity at 85%.

Night duration (12 degree - twilight) 02:30 - 12:10 UT = 9 h 40m
Observing time: 8 h 50 min ( 71%)*
Weather time loss: 2 h 50 min (29%)*
Technical time loss: h min ()*

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
CALIB-Izzo_20 DARK LUCI1 dark_18NDIT+24NDITx2p51   luci1.20210920.0002-0011  
CALIB BIAS MODS1+2 dual   mods1b.0003-0022,mods1r.0003-0022 -- mods2b.0003-0022, mods2r.0003-0022  
CALIB-Izzo_20 DARK LUCI1 dark_24x2p51   luci1.20210920.0012-0016  
CALIB cals for 1x1 binning MODS1+2 dual grating   mods1b.0023-00,mods1r.0023-00 -- mods2b.0023-00, mods2r.0023-00  
CALIB-Piconcelli_11 ARC-FLAT LUCI1 zJ200_lambda1p17   luci1.20210920.0017-0034  
CALIB-LaBarbera_17 ARC-FLAT LUCI1 G210_H_slit0p5   luci1.20210920.0035-0052  
CALIB-Giannini_12 ARC-FLAT LUCI1 zJ_G200   luci1.20210953.0035-0070  
CALIB-Giannini_12 ARC-FLAT LUCI1 HK_G200   luci1.20210953.0071-0088  
CALIB-Giannini_12 FLAT0ima LUCI1 J   20210953.0089-0098  
CALIB-Giannini_12 FLAT0ima LUCI1 H   20210953.0099-0108  
CALIB-Giannini_12 FLAT0ima LUCI1 Ks   20210953.0109-0118  
Bellazzini_6 G4296558843393685632 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1.5" - humidity=83% - SNR~106-188
Bellazzini_6 G4299974407538484096 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1.4" - humidity=82% - SNR~145-220
Clementini_ 23 G1982512068675148032 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD2/CD4      
Clementini_ 23 TYC-3970-844-1 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD2/CD4      
Bellazzini_6 G1749568744937863168 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6      
Bellazzini_6 G2659693686716034176 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1.7"
Bellazzini_6 G36036820017906336 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~2.1"
Bellazzini_6 G2448812029433640704 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~2"
Bellazzini_6 G385118623534199808 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Bellazzini_6 G314799593600582656 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Bellazzini_6 G306253094013406464 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Bellazzini_6 G296549899602832768 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Bellazzini_6 G488257280987718912 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Bellazzini_6 G2503491051919554304 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD6     seeing~1"
Ripepi_24 NSVS4269811 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD5      
Ripepi_24 UCAC 593-018905 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD5      
Ripepi_24 2massJ05580941+2802335 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD3/CD5      
Clementini_ 23 G980773034927503104 PEPSI1+2 D300/CD2/CD4      
Detailed log by A. Cardwell at this link:


Other notes

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