-- AndreaRossi - 17 Oct 2019

INAF queue observing, 2019 Oct 17- Oct 18

Observer: A. Rossi + M. Di Criscienzo and A. Giunta from Rome
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg
Instrument: LUCI

At the sunset is windy (>20m/s) with some clouds. LUCI2 is not mounted


Night duration (12 degree el twilight) 1:40 - 12:30 UT = 10 h 50m

Observing time: h min (0%)

Weather time loss: h min (100%)

technical time loss h min (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibrations darks LUCI1       Antniucci AGLL1080, Feruglio, Nardini telluric
Nardini J1712+57 LUCI1     luci1.0043-0047 USELESS TOO MAY CLOUDS
Calibrations arcsflats LUCI1 HK+zJ 0.75" slit   luci1.0048-0077 for Antoniucci
Calibrations arcsflats LUCI1 zJ200 mask   luci1.0078-0090 for Gargiulo VAN003
Calibrations arcsflats LUCI1 zJ200 mask   luci1.00-00 for Cassara VIB1
Calibrations dome flats LUCI1 J H Ks H2   luci1.0103-0137  
Calibrations arc flats MODS dual grating   mods1r.0005-0025 mods1b.0008-0028 mods2r.0005-0025 mods2b.0008-0028 for Garofalo
Calibrations slitless flats MODS red grating   mods1r.0026-0030; mods2r.0026-0030 for Belladitta
Calibrations arcs MODS red grating   mods1r.0031-0033 mods2r.0031-0033 for Belladitta
Calibrations slit1p2 flats MODS dual grating   mods1r.0034-0039 mods2r.0034-0039 for Belladitta
Calibrations flats MODS ugriz   mods1b.0029-0033 mods2b.0029-0033  


00:10 Calibrations
  • darks luci1 for Antoniucci AGLL1080 dit=150s mer norm
  • darks luci1 for Antoniucci AGLL1080 dit=90s mer norm
  • darks luci1 for telluric for AGLL1080 dit=4s ndit 5 lir int
  • darks luci1 for Feruglio seeing lim 240s mer norm
  • darks luci1 for Feruglio telluric 5x10.0s lir int
  • darks luci1 for Nardini telluric 5x3.0s lir int - also for Rossi DDT telluric

01:40 Clouds have moved away. We try to open and stay far from the wind direction. Steve says: "perfect positioning" smile

02:10 seeing is good ~1". Slew to Di Nardini J1712 CONSIDER ALL THIS weather loss
  • seeing 0.9" on DIMM at 02:20
  • 02:23 cannot find star in tru slit, try again
  • acq luci1.20191018.0038-0042 some clouds need take another tru slit to confirm
  • seeing 1" on guider at 02:35
  • sci luci1.0043-0047
  • passing cirrus nothing in image 0045, pause 1 min CONSIDER ALL THIS USELESS
  • seeing 1.1" at 02:43 on guiding
  • lost guiding, too many clouds. DOME CLOSED at 02:50

03:15 calibrations for LUCI
  • arcs flats HK200 0.75" for Antoniucci luci1.0048-0063
  • arcs flats zJ200 0.75" for Antoniucci luci1.0064-0077
  • arcs flats for Gargiulo VAN003 luci1.0078-0090
  • arcs flats for Cassara' VIPB1 luci1.0091-0102

04:15 calibrations for MODS
  • dual grating slitflats 5" mods1r.0002-04,mods1b.0002-07; mods2r.0002-04,mods2b.0002-07 standards
  • dual grating slitflats 1.2" mods1r.0005-,mods1b.0008-; mods2r.0005-,mods2b.0008- Rossi
  • dual grating slitflats 1.0" mods1r.0005-,mods1b.0008-; mods2r.0005-,mods2b.0008- Garofalo

05:10 WIND > 23 m/s

07:07 calibrations for LUCI
  • dome flats J luci1.0103-0107
  • dome flats H luci1.0108-0117
  • dome flats Ks luci1.0118-0127
  • dome flats H2 luci1.0128-0137

08:55 calibrations for MODS
  • arc flats for Garofalo MASK mods1r.0005-0025,mods1b.0008-0028; mods2r.0005-0025,mods2b.0008-0028
  • red grating slitless flats for Belladitta mods1r.0026-0030; mods2r.0026-0030
  • red grating arc for Belladitta mods1r.0031-0033; mods2r.0031-0033
  • red grating slit1p2 flats for Belladitta mods1r.0034-0039; mods2r.0034-0039
  • flats ugriz mods1b.0029-0033; mods2b.0029-0033
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