-- AndreaRossi - 16 Oct 2019

INAF queue observing, 2019 Oct 16- Oct 17

Observer: A. Rossi + R. Carini+ and A.Giunta from Rome
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg
Instrument: LUCI

At the sunset the sky is full of cirrus. LUCI2 is not available for spectroscopy due to masks-related problems.


Night duration (12 degree el twilight) 1:40 - 12:30 UT = 10 h 50m

Observing time: 8h 30min (72%)

Weather time loss: 1h 30min (14%)

technical time loss 1h 30min* (14%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibrations Rossi, Di Criscienzo darks LUCI1-2        
Calibrations Nardini darks LUCI1        
telluric HD160233 LUCI1 zJ+HK   luci1.0056-063 for Antoniucci
Antoniucci AGLL1080 LUCI1 zJ+HK 20m+12m luci1.0068-0083 completed
Antoniucci V350Cep MODS1+MODS2 dual grating   mods1b.0001-0004 mods1r.0007-0010 mods2b.0001-0004 mods2r.0007-0010 completed
std std Feige110 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating   mods1b.0005-0007 mods1r.0013-0015 mods2b.0005-0007 mods2r.0013-0015  
Mannucci J0111 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating 15m+15m mods1r.0021-0023,mods1b.0008-0010 mods2r.0021-0023,mods2b.0008-0010 PA=-30, we take two more images for bad seeing
Mannucci J0111 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating 10m+10m mods1r.0031-32,mods1b.0011-0012; mods2r.0031-32,mods2b.0011-0012 PA=50, we take one more images for variable seeing
Mannucci J012534 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating 5m+5m mods1r.0036,mods1b.0013; mods2r.0036,mods2b.0011-0013  
Mannucci J0111 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating 5m+5m mods1r.0040,mods1b.0014; mods2r.0040,mods2b.0014  
Mannucci J012534 MODS1+MODS2 dual grating      
Nardini J082619 LUCI1 zjspec 0.53 h luci1.0088-0099 completed
telluric HIP35818 LUCI1 zjspec   luci1.103-106  
Nardini J083535 LUCI1 zjspec 0.47 h luci1.0113-0124 completed
Calibrations   MODS1+2       Antoniucci Mannucci RossiDDT
Calibrations   LUCI1       Nardini, Feruglio,Giannini, Gargiulo Van0011


23:50 Calibrations darks
  • darks imaging for LUC1+LUCI2 for JHK Di Criescenzo+Rossi luci1.0013-0027 luci2.0001-0015 DONE
  • darks 120sMERnorm and 2x3.0sLIRint for Nardini luci1.0028-0037
  • darks 160sMERnorm, 140MERnorm and 20x3.0sLIRint for Nardini luci1.0038-0052

00:55 AO check

01:29 Slew to Telluric HD160233 for Antoniucci AGLL1080; a lot of cirrus on sky
  • acq luci1.0053-0055
  • DIMM seeing 1.9, strong wind ~17m/s and cirrus
  • sci luci1.0056-063

01:47 Slew to Antoniucci AGLL1080 seeing 1.8 half mag of extintion in optical zJ + HK, changed script to find a brighter guiding star (also rotated)
  • acq luci1.0064-0067
  • DIMM 2.5"
  • sci luci1.0068-0075
  • 02:15 seeing 1.9" on DIMM and 1.8" on guide-camera
  • sci luci1.0076-0083 do a second time
  • 02:26 3.6" on DIMM

02:50 seeing 2 some clouds Switch to MODS

03:15 everything slow connection problems with instruments 10min loss

03:20 Slew to Mannucci program J01253 , but some preset problem 10minloss
  • 03:30 start again

03:35 we are facing the wind, need to change target 10minloss

03:43 slew to V350Cep Antoniucci, seeing 2"-3"
  • acq mods1r.20191017.0004-0006 mods2r.20191017.0004-0006
  • sci mods1b.0001-0004 mods1r.0007-0010 mods2b.0001-0004 mods2r.0007-0010

04:25 std Feige110 seeing 2"
  • acq mods1r.20191017.0011-0014 mods2r.20191017.0011-0014
  • sci mods1b.0005-0007 mods1r.0013-0015 mods2b.0005-0007 mods2r.0013-0015

04:45 start Mannucci J0113 seeing 2-3" but problem at IFF *04:45-05:10 25min loss

05:10 start Mannucci J0113 PA -30
  • 05:13 seeing 5" !!!
  • aborted: bad collimation: need to rest shell and re-collimate
  • seeing >>5" cannot colimate downtime

06:27 start again Mannucci's program, target J0111 with PA=-30
  • acq mods1r.0018-0020, mods2r.0018-0020
  • 06:41 sci mods1r.0021-0022,mods1b.0008-0009 mods2r.0021-0022,mods2b.0008-0009
  • 06:57 due to bad seeing we take one more image mods1r.0023,mods1b.0010 mods2r.0023,mods2b.00

07:05 slewing to Target of Mannucci J012534
  • acq mods1r.0024-0026, mods2r.0024-0026
  • dimm seeing 1.6
  • 07:26 abort because telecope control problem
  • 07:41* restart telecope control (expected time 30 min)

08:10 slew to target J0111 with PA=30
  • acq==mods1r.0027== mods2r.0027-
  • 8:17 dimm seeing 2.5
  • 8:20 Error
  • 8:25 guide star lost, observation abort, too many clouds
  • 8:27 we change the guide star
  • 8:29 acquisition with PA=50 abort againg (pointing problem)
  • 8:33 pointing check

8:37 try again the acquisition. Now it works!!!
  • acq==mods1r.0027-0030== mods2r.0027-0030
  • 08:46 seeing 1.0" but variable
  • 08:48 sci mods1r.0031-32,mods1b.0011-0012; mods2r.0031-32,mods2b.0011-0012 we take one more image due to seeing variable

09:08 slew to target J012534 with PA=0
  • acq==mods1r.0033-0034== mods2r.0033-0034
  • 9:22 dimm seeing 0.9
  • sci mods1r.0036,mods1b.0013; mods2r.0036,mods2b.0011-0013

09:30 slew again to J0111 with PA=50
  • acq==mods1r.0037-0039== mods2r.0037-0039
  • there are problems with the obs2 machine, it is very slow.
  • 09:30 sci mods1r.0040,mods1b.0014; mods2r.0040,mods2b.0014

09:50 target J012534 PA=0
  • acq==mods1r.0041-0043== mods2r.0041-0043
  • 10:00 sci mods1r.0044,mods1b.0015; mods2r.0044,mods2b.0015
  • seeing 1.0"

10:13 switch to LUCI1, Nardini's program

10:31 Target J082619
  • acq luci1.20190117.0084-0087
  • 10:44 sci luci1.0088-0099

11:22 slew to telluric HIP35818
  • acq luci1.0100-0102
  • sci luci1.103-106
  • seeing about 1.0"

11:37 slew to target J083535
  • acq luci1.107-112
  • sci luci1.0113-0124
  • seeing 0.8"

  • BIAS 8k e 3k
  • dual grating arcs mods1r.0055-57,mods1b.0026-28; mods2r.0055-57,mods2b.0026-28 Mannucci Antoniucci Rossi
  • dual grating slitless mods1r.0058-62,mods1b.0029-38; mods2r.0058-62,mods2b.0029-38 Mannucci Antoniucci Rossi
  • dual grating slitflat 0.6 mods1r.0063-68,mods1b.0039-44; mods2r.0063-68,mods2b.0039-44 Mannucci
  • dual grating slitflat 0.8 mods1r.0069-74,mods1b.0045-50; mods2r.0069-74,mods2b.0045-50 Antoniucci

  • NARDINI flat+ arc luci1.0125-0138
  • Feruglio flat + arc luci1.0139-0152
  • luci1.0153-0156 no good
  • Giannini flat+arc luci1.0157-0172
  • *Gargiulo Van0001 luci1.00173-00185
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