-- FeliceCusano - 01 Oct 2019

INAF queue observing, 2019 Sep 30- Oct 01

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Gargiulo
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn

At the sunset the sky is clear. LUCI2 is not available for spectroscopy due to masks-related problems.


Night duration (12 degree el twilight) 2:00 - 12:20 UT = 10 h 20m

Observing time: 9h 46min (95%)

Weather time loss: 0h 0min (0%)

technical time loss *34min (5%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Belladitta BD332642 MODS1-2 Red   mods1r.20190930.0009-0011 mods2r.20190930.0009-0011  
Belladitta PS0J1752 MODS1-2 Red 2.5/2.5h mods1r.20191001.0005-0010 mods2r.20191001.0005-0010 completed
Di Criscienzo Pegasus LUCI1-2 Ks, J 1.2/1.2h   completed first round of Peg, Peg_1 up to Peg_12
Gargiulo HIP10185 LUCI1 200 - zJ      
Gargiulo VAN001 LUCI1 200 - zJ 0.41/10h   too many clouds, probably only luci1.20191001.0148 is good
Rossi GRB190820A LUCI1-2 Ks, J, H 1h Ks, 0.5h H, 0.5h J    
Antoniucci V1118Ori LUCI1 G200+zJspec, HKspec 0.25/0.25h (zJ) 0.2/0.2h (HK)   completed
Antoniucci HIP33723 LUCI1 G200+zJspec, HKspec   telluric  
Giannini HD37397 LUCI1 G210+K   telluric  
Giannini Fu Ori LUCI1 G210+K 0.21h    
calibration   MODS1-2 red grating     for Belladitta
calibration   LUCI1-2       ima flat, DiCriscienzo, Rossi
calibration   LUCI1-2       arc flat Antoniucci, Giannini


1:44 we slew to Belladitta program PS0J1752
  • 1:45 we send the script for the Belladitta standard BD332642
  • 1:49 seeing on dimm 0.93"
  • acq mods1r.20190930.0007-0008 mods2r.20190930.0007-0008
  • sci mods1r.20190930.0009-0011 mods2r.20190930.0009-0011
  • 2:08 we send the script for the Belladitta target PS0J1752
  • 2:08 seeing on dimm 0.82
  • 2:12 during the acquisition we notice that the finding chart provided by PI is not updated: objects are not in the expected position. Moreover, pivot and target are not aligned. We change the pivot and repeat the acquisition;
  • acq mods1r.20191001.0001-0004 mods2r.20191001.0001-0004
  • 3:24 seeing on dimm 0.8"
  • 4:23 seeing on dimm 0.79"
  • sci mods1r.20191001.0005-0010 mods2r.20191001.0005-0010
  • we make two spectra more for some cirrus at the beginning

4:37 we switch to LUCI

4:57 we slew to Di Criscienzo program Peg_1
  • 4:58 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_1 (Ks, J)
  • 4:58 seeing on dimm 0.7"
  • 5:09 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_2 (Ks, J)
  • 5:19 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_3 (Ks, J)
  • 5:26 seeing on dimm 0.98"
  • 5:30 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_4 (Ks, J)
  • 5:43 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_5 (Ks, J)
  • 5:54 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_6 (Ks, J)
  • 6:06 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_7 (Ks, J)
  • 6:07 dimm seeing 1", fwhm on guider 0.9"
  • 6:17 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_8 (Ks, J)
  • 6:26 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_9 (Ks, J)
  • 6:37 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_10 (Ks, J)
  • 6:48 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_11 (Ks, J)
  • 6:58 we send the script for Di Criscienzo target Peg_12 (Ks, J)

7:08 we slew to Gargiulo program
  • 7:13 we send the script for Gargiulo telluric
  • acq luci1.20191001.0113-0115
  • 7:16 dimm seeing 0.8"
  • sci luci1.20191001.0116-0119
  • 7:30 sending science target Van00199.0
  • 7:30 some clouds coming in
  • 7:40-7:51 we can not see the dots for the alingnments of the mask, we have to adjust the FM4, we did align the FM4
  • acq luci1.20191001.0144-0147
  • sci luci1.20191001.0148-0152
  • 8:07 dimm seeing 0.9"
  • 8:26 too many clouds, not good for this program we change target

8:32 we slew to Rossi program GRB190829A
  • sending script GRB190829A _JHKima_fraternal.xml
  • 8:33 right side did not find guide star
  • 8:35 sending again, now it is ok
  • 9:00 dimm seeing 1", passing cirrus during exposures
  • 9:30 clouds are becoming thicker
  • 9:42 seeing on dimm 1.32"
  • 9:54 seeing on dimm 1.50"

10:14 we slew to Giannini program FUOri
  • 10:16 we send the script of Giannini telluric HP37397
  • 10:32 we lost the guide-star. Too many clouds.
  • acq luci1.20191001.0213-0218
  • 10:37 we slew to a different target with a brighter guide star

10:38 we slew to Antoniucci program V118Ori
  • 10:39 we send the script for the Antoniucci telluric HIP33723 (zJ, HK)
  • 10:41 MOS error on LUCI1
  • 11:02 MOS error solved
  • 11:02 we send the script again
  • 11:07 we lost the guide star: more than 4 mag of extinction
  • acq luci1.0221-0224
  • 11:10 we start to integrate
  • 11:10 seeing on dimm 1.4"
  • sci luci1.0225-0228 (zJspec)
  • sci luci1.0229-0232 (HK)

  • 11:19 we send the script for the Antoniucci program V118Ori
  • acq luci1.0233-0236
  • sci luci1.0237-240 zJspec
  • sci luci1.0241-244 HKspec

12:00 slewing to telluric of Giannini HD37397
  • acq luci1.245-247
  • sci luci1.248-251

12:15 slewing to science of Gianni Fu Ori
  • acq luci1.0252-0255
  • 12:25 seeing on dimm 1.4"
  • starting in twilight
  • sci luci1.0256-281

starting calibrations

  • MODS
  • arc for Belladitta (red grating) mods1r.20191001.0011-13,mods2r.20191001.0011-15 for mods2 the Neon lamp did not switch on so we take some manually (mods2r.20191001.0011, 14, 15 and 27 not good), but still problem, the Neon arc for mods2 has to be done
  • slitflat 1.2" red grating for Belladitta mmods1r.20191001.0014-19, mods2r.20191001.0016-21
  • slitless red grating for Belladitta mods1r.20191001.0020-24, mods2r.20191001.0022-26

  • LUCI
  • flat 0.75" for Antoniucci zj luci1.0286-0291
  • arc 0.75" for Antoniucci zj luci1.0292-0295
  • flat 0.75" for Antoniucci HK luci1.0296-0305
  • arc 0.75" for Antoniucci HK luci1.0306-309
  • flat imaging J for Di Crisicenzo luci1.0312-0321 luci2.0138-0147
  • flat imaging Ks & H for Rossi luci1.0322-0331 luci2.0148-0157
  • flat 0.25" for Giannini K luci1.0332-0341
  • arc 0.25" for Giannini K luci1.0342-0245
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