-- AndreaRossi - 03 Jul 2019

INAF queue observing, 2019 July 03 - 04

Observer: A. Rossi, D. Paris
Telescope Operator: J. Williams
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg (in Tucson)
Instrument: MODS

At the sunset the sky has some passing clouds. We start with MODS.


Night duration (12 degree el twilight) 3:35 - 11:15 UT = 7 h 40m.

Observing time: h min (80%)

Weather time loss: h min (0%)

technical time loss 1h *30min (20%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibration arcs+slitflats MODS1+2 dual     for Nacimbeni Ke21
Calibration darks LUCI1 200 MER, normal     for CassarĂ  e Casasola
Nascimbeni Kelt21 MODS1+2 dual grating 4.8h red, 3.3h blue mods1r.0014-0114, mods1b.0011-0086; mods2r.0020-00116, mods2b.0018-0086 completed: lost start transit; last 1 hour only MODS1, ==to be check
standard Feige110 MODS1+2 dual grating     for Nascimbeni, Antoniucci
Antoniucci V350Cep MODS1+2 dual grating 0.6h/0.5h mods1r.0126-0129,mods1b.0090-93 ; mods2r.0128-0131,mods2b.0090-93 completed, fatto un po di piu'
Calibration slitflats MODS1+2 dual     0.8" for Antoniucci
Calibration slitflats MODS1+2 dual     5" for std feige110
Calibration slitless MODS1+2 dual      
Calibration arcs MODS1+2 dual     Antoniucci
Calibration bias MODS1+2 8k     Antoniucci, Nascimbeni


01:40 MODS CALIB Nascimbeni, not consiedr earlier exposure, lights were on
  • arcs dual grating ke21 ; mods1r.20190704.0002-04, mods1b.20190704.0002-04; mods2r.0009-0011, mods2b.0008-0010
  • slitflats dual grating Ke21 mods1r.20190704.0005-0010, mods1b.20190704.0005-0011; mods2r.0012-0016, mods2b.0011-0017

02:15 LUCI 1 calib
  • luci1 darks for CassarĂ +Casasola, 200s MER,norm luci1.20190704.0002-0004 only 3 frown, sad smile
  • had to stop calibrations because they need to check ventilation in the dome

03:35 target at +25 degrees we can start slew to target Nascimbeni Kelt 21
  • 03:38 left M2 shell not good, stop and put telescope to +40
  • 03:41 send again. M2 shell not good again. Call Doug Miller for instructions. Wrong configuration for the ADsec: they find that the ADsec limit of 25deg was given for the FLAO configuration, but instead SOUL is mounted
  • 35 min loss
  • 04:10 try send again, now it works acqBinomods mods1r.20190704.0011-0013 ; mods2r.0017-0019
  • seeing 1.8" on guiding
  • 04:24 start science mods1r.0014-0096, mods1b.0011-0076; mods2r.0020-00116, mods2b.0018-0086
  • 04:29 first exposure not saturated, counts less than 30k
  • 05:18 seeing 1.8" on guiding camera, counts ok
  • 05:46 lost 3 minutes in mods1red due to exposure countdown fail. update + red reset solved
  • 05:55 seeing 2" on guiding camera
  • 06:03 mods1.20190704.0044 got frozen on exposure done, red expdone solved, 1 min lost on mods1 red
  • 06:35 seeing 1.5" on guiding camera
  • 08:00 seeing 1" on guiding camera
  • 08:50 lost tracking due to elevation limit
  • 09:05 mods1 rotator error
  • 09:08 target below 87deg EL,
  • 09:10 mods2 rotator not working, authorize only MODS1 in total 20min loss
  • 09:15 acquisition again =mods1r.20190704.0097-0099 =
  • 09:28 start science mods1r.0100-0114, mods1b.0077-0086
  • seeing 1.1" on guiding, DIMM 1"
  • 10:10 20 min after end of transit, we stop

10:12 both MODS authorized again

10:13 slew to std feige110 dual grating
  • 10:22 mods2 copointing limit, check pointing 10 min loss
  • 10:33 acq mods1r.20190704.0116-0117; mods2r.0118-0119
  • 10:38 sci mods1r.0118-0120,mods1b.0087-89 ; mods2r.0120-0122,mods2b.0087-0089

10:52 slew to Antoniucci v350Cep, seeing >1.5
  • 11:03 lost guiding, changed PA to 160 to still get the UV but also brighter star, 10 min loss
  • acq mods1r.20190704.0123-0125; mods2r.0125-0127
  • 11:13 sci mods1r.0126-0129,mods1b.0090-93 ; mods2r.0128-0131,mods2b.0090-93

  • slitflat 0.8" dual mods1r.0130-134,mods1b.0094-99; mods2r.0132-137,mods2b.0094-99 for Antoniucci
  • slitflat 5.0" dual mods1r.0135-138,mods1b.0100-105 ; mods2r.0138-140,mods2b.0100-105 for standard
  • slitless dual mods1r.0147-152,mods1b.0106-115; mods2r.0141-145,mods2b.0106-115 NOTE: mods1r 144-147 saturated
  • arcs dual mods1r.0153-155,mods1b.0116-118; mods2r.0146-148,mods2b.0116-118
  • bias8k mods1r.0156-1,mods1b.0119-1; mods2r.0149-1,mods2b.0119-1


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