INAF queue observing, 2019 January 25-26

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Giunta
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn


At the sun set the sky is partialy cloudy. Clouds become persistent a 4:00. At 5:20 clouds are moving out

Night duration (12 degree el twilight) 2:00- 13:10 UT = 11 h 10m

Observing time: 9h 30min (85%)

Weather time loss: 0h 30m (4.5%)

technical time loss 1h 10m *(10.5%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibration Dark LUCI       Cassara'
Cassara VIPA1 LUCI G200 zjSpec 1h/2h luci1.20190126.0065-0082 LUCI2 data not good, clouds for 30 minutes during exposure
telluric Cassara HIP13917 LUCI G200 zjSpec 1m/1m luci1.20190126.0086-89; luci2.20190126.0048-54 VIPA1 telluric
telluric Antoniucci   LUCI G200 zjSpec m/m luci1.20190126.0114-121; luci2.20190126.0078-85 2massJ06 telluric
Antoniucci 2massJ06 LUCI G200 zjSpec m/m luci1.20190126.0103-110; luci2.20190126.0067-74  
telluric Nardini   LUCI G150Ks m/m luci1.20190126.0125-128 q6 telluric
Nardini q6 LUCI G150 Ks 0.75h/0.67h luci1.20190126.0133-155 completed
telluric Saracco   LUCI G200 HKspec m/m luci1.20190126.0159-162; luci2.20190126.0089-92 HIP 56147 telluric
Saracco C1-23152 LUCI G200 HKSpec 3.2h/12h luci1.20190126.0167-186; luci2.20190126.0097-116 last 2 images taken with variable seeing
telluric Nardini HIP59685 LUCI G150Ks m/m luci1.20190126.0190-193 q8 telluric
Nardini q8 LUCI G150 Ks 0.8h/0.72h luci1.20190126.0198-220 completed
telluric Nardini HIP63193 LUCI G150Ks m/m luci1.20190126.0232-242 q7 telluric
Nardini q7 LUCI G150 Ks 0.3h/1h luci1.20190126.0232-242  
Calibration flat and arcs LUCI     luci1.20190126.0243-258 Nardini
Calibration flat and arcs LUCI       Antoniucci, Cassara'
Calibration flat and arcs LUCI       Saracco


00:10 starting LUCI dark for Cassara science and telluric luci1.20190126.0001-10;  luci2.20190126.0001-10

00:38 LUCI dark dit=150, ndit=1, save=normal, read=mer luci1.20190126.0011-20;  luci2.20190126.0011-20

01:36 switching to LUCI binocular after technical checking of MODS after reinstallaion

01:38 LUCI2 MOS error while trying to acquire a test image for the N3.75 alignment

2:19 problem solved

2:20 the to is checking collimation and pointing

2:30 we slew to Cassara vipA1
  • dimm seeing 0.9
  • some clouds
  • acq ==luci1.20190126.0021-64; luci2.20190126.0021-25
  • 2:32 problem on LUCI1 can not find guide star
  • 2:35 slewing again to science
  • star number 33 exluced from the ref star
  • giving small offset by hand, lost 5 minutes because we did not notice that the readout gui was saving in normal mode
  • science luci1.20190126.0065-82; luci2.20190126.0025-42
  • 3:10 dimm seeing 1"
  • 3:25 pause to give a manual offset to luci2 we do not see spectra, from luci2.20190130 spectra should be good, not sure maybe luci2 data are not good
  • 3:30 clouds coming in, guide star fainting by more than 0.5 mag, at 3:33 guide star dimming 2 mag, at 3:44 still clouds
  • 3:52 now guide star is fine
  • 4:02 guide star almost lost, after 3 minutes back to normal, clouds passing fast, clouds again at 4:06

4:15 slewing to telluric HIP13917 of cassara vipA1
  • acq luci1.20190126.0083-85; luci2.20190126.0043-47
  • error luci1 no guide star found 4:19, problem solved after one minute
  • 4:23 still clouds
  • sci luci1.20190126.0086-89; luci2.20190126.0048-54

4:43 60% of thee sky is covered by clouds

4:44 slewing to telluric of Nisini, no guide star found, the to is checking the pointing, problem solved at 4:47
  • sending again obs for telluric
  • 4:49 lost guide star for clouds, 4:56 still waiting clous are too thick
  • 5:05 guide star found, starting acquisition
  • 5:07 MOS error on LUCI2
  • 5:17 starting again the acquisition luci1.20190126.0092-94; luci2.20190126.0056-58
  • starting integration H filter luci1.20190126.0095-; luci2.20190126.0059-

5:30 slewing to science field 2 of Nisini filter H *. luci2 did not find the guide star
  • we change guide star with one brighter
  • 5:33 sending again the script, too many clouds

5:53 moving to Antoniucci 2massJ06
  • change guide star to a 10th mag, clouds, dimm seeing 1.3
  • acq luci1.20190126.0099-102; luci2.20190126.0063-66
  • sci luci1.20190126.0103-110; luci2.20190126.0067-74

6:12 moving to telluric of Antoniucci 2massJ06
  • acq luci1.20190126.0111-113; luci2.20190126.0075-77
  • sci luci1.20190126.0114-121; luci2.20190126.0078-85
  • 6:28 still clouds

6:49 slewing to telluric of Nardini q6 (LUCI1 only for the G150 grating)
  • acq luci1.20190126.0122-124
  • 6:51 sky is almost clear, the clouds are moving out
  • 6:56 dimm seeing 1.4
  • sci luci1.20190126.0125-128

7:02 slewing to science of Nardini target q6
  • acq luci1.20190126.0129-132
  • sci luci1.20190126.0133-155 we take two exposure more to compensate the exposure with clouds
  • 7:03 seeing 1.2" on guider
  • 7:21 seeing 1.2, some clouds coming in
  • 7:35 no more clouds, seeing 1.2
  • 7:46 seeing 1

8:15 slewing to telluric of Saracco ls
  • acq luci1.20190126.0156-158; luci2.20190126.0086-88
  • dimm seeing 0.8 at 8:28, no clouds
  • lost 10 minutes for guide star too elongated
  • 8:34 sci luci1.20190126.0159-162; luci2.20190126.0089-92

8:42 slewing to science of Saracco target C1-23152
  • acq luci1.20190126.0163-166; luci2.20190126.0093-96
  • dimm seeing 1" at 8:52
  • 8:55 sci luci1.20190126.0167-184; luci2.20190126.0097-114
  • dimm seeing 0.9 at 9:21, no clouds
  • pause at 10:39 due to the sudden increase of dimm seeing 2.0
  • start again with the integration at 10:50 with dimm seeing variable 1.0-1,7
  • 10:50 sci luci1.20190126.0185-186; luci2.20190126.0115-116
  • stop integration due to the variable dimm seeing

11:05 slewing to telluric of Nardini q8 HIP 59685
  • 11:06 problem on LUCI1 can not find guide star (loss time 2 minutes)
  • acq luci1.20190126.0187-189
  • dimm seeing 1.3" on guider at 11:13
  • sci luci1.20190126.0190-193
  • dimm seeing 1.6" on guider at 11:18, no clouds

11:20 slewing to Nardini target q8
  • acq luci1.20190126.0194-197
  • sci luci1.20190126.0198-220
  • dimm seeing 1.3" at 11:35

*12:slewing to telluric of Nardini q7 HIP 63193
  • acq luci1.20190126.0221-223
  • sci luci1.20190126.0224-227

12:56 slewing to science of Nardini q7
  • acq luci1.20190126.0228-231
  • 13:02 sci luci1.20190126.0232-242
  • dimm seeing 1.4" at 13:02, no clouds
  • dimm seeing 1.5" at 13:17, no clouds

13:32 starting calibration of Nardini
  • flat and arc luci1.20190126.0243-257

14:11 Saracco calibration
  • luci1259-263 luci2112-116 not good with slit 1" inside
  • luci1.20190126.0264-0272 luci2.20190126.0117-126

Antoniucci calibration
  • flat and arc HK luci1.20190126.0287-300
  • flat and arc zj luci1.20190126.0301-314
  • flat and arc zj luci1.20190126.0315-328 luci2.20190126.0168-181
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