INAF queue observing, 2018 December 12-13

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi <br />
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson <br />
Support Astronomer: D. Thompson <br />
Instrument: LBC


Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 1:15-13:15 UT = 12h 00m

Observing time: h min (0%)

Weather time loss: 12h m (100%)

technical time loss 0h m (0%)

Data Summary

At the sunset the sky is clear but windy. we are closed

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
arc flat MODS Mancini, Gilli, De Carli        
arc flat LUCI CassarĂ¡, Severgnini, Nardini, Rossi, Pinna


  • during the sunset the TO needs to run AO checkout
  • 01:50 we close for the wind

Calibration MODS
  • Mancini arcs MOS H48 nardual mods1r.20181213.0001-0005 , mods1b.20181213.0001-0005; mods2r.20181213.0005-0009 , mods2b.20181213.0005-0009
  • Mancini slitless dual BINx2 mods1r.20181213.0018-0027 , mods1b.20181213.0031-0050; mods2r.20181213.0015-0019 , mods2b.20181213.0023-0032
  • Mancini MOS flats dual BINx2 mods1r.20181213.0029-0038 , mods1b.20181213.0054-0063; mods2r.20181213.0022-0031 , mods2b.20181213.0034-0043
  • Gilli MOS flats+arcs dual mask44 mods1r.20181213.0046-0054 , mods1b.20181213.0076-0084; mods2r.20181213.0038-0046 , mods2b.20181213.0055-0063
  • Gilli MOS flats+arcs dual mask33 mods1r.20181213.0055-0063 , mods1b.20181213.0085-0093; mods2r.20181213.0047-0055 , mods2b.20181213.0064-0072
  • DeCarli 0.3" red prism mods1r.20181213.0072-0091; mods2r.20181213.0064-0083
  • DeCarli MOS red prism mods1r.20181213.0092-0116; mods2r.20181213.0084-0108
  • DeCarli slitflat 5" red prism mods1r.20181213.0118-; mods2r.20181213.0115-01

Calibration LUCI CassarĂ¡ VIPB1
  • luci1.20181213.0001-0005; luci2.20181213.0007-0011 flushing
  • luci1.20181213.0006-0010; luci2.20181213.0012-0016 flat halo1 (luci2), halo2 (luci1)
  • luci1.20181213.0011-0012; luci2.20181213.0017-0018 arc Ne
  • luci1.20181213.0013-0014; luci2.20181213.0019-0020 arc Ar

CassarĂ¡ VIPD1
  • luci1.20181213.0015-0019; luci2.20181213.0021-0025 flushing
  • luci1.20181213.0020-0024; luci2.20181213.0026-0030 flat halo1 (luci2), halo2 (luci1)
  • luci1.20181213.0025-0026; luci2.20181213.0031-0032 arc Ne
  • luci1.20181213.0027-0028; luci2.20181213.0033-0034 arc Ar

Severgnini N30, filter K
  • luci2.0035-0039 flushing
  • luci2.0040-0044 flat halo1

  • luci1.0029-0033 flat halo2
  • luci1.0034-0035 arc Ne
  • luci1.0036-0037 arc Ar
  • luci1.0038 no good
  • luci1.0039-0040 arc Xe

Rossi_25 (ESM)
  • luci2.0045-0049 flushing
  • luci2.0050-0054 flat Halo1
  • luci2.0055-0056 arc Ne
  • luci2.0057-0058 arc Ar

Pinna N30
  • luci2.0059-0063 flushing
  • luci2.0064-0068 flat FeII
  • luci2.0069-0073 flushing
  • luci2.0074-0078 flat H2
  • luci2.0079-0083 flushing
  • luci2.0084-0088 flat Ks
  • luci2.0089-0093 flushing
  • luci2.0094-0098 P-beta
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