INAF queue observing, 2018 October 17-18

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Giunta
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzal-Huerta
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn


At the sunset the sky is clear. We had very bad seeing all the night, at 6:34 we closed for high wind.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 1:40- 12:30 UT = 10 h 50m

Observing time: 4h 39min (43%)

Weather time loss: 5h 56m (55%)

technical time loss 15m *(2%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Polletta_26 IP106817 LUCI 1&2 G200+zjspec 120s luci1.0004-0007, luci2.0004-0007 Telluric of PLCKG073 - Seeing too bad
Polletta_26 PLCKG073 LUCI 1&2 G200+zjspec   luci1.0012-0015, luci2.0012-0015 Seeing too bad
Antoniucci_11 Hip 193984 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 33s luci1.0019-0022,luci2.0019-0022 Telluric of Ves263
Antoniucci_11 Hip 193984 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 33s luci1.0023-00026,luci2.0023-0026 Telluric of Ves263
Antoniucci_11 Ves263 LUCI1&2 G200+zJspec 120s luci1.0031-0034,luci2.0031-0034 Science
Antoniucci_11 Ves263 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 80s luci1.0035-0038,luci2.0035-0038 Science
Antoniucci_11 Hip 116229 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 33s Luci1.0042-0045,luci2.0042-0045 Telluric of V733cep
Antoniucci_11 Hip 116229 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 33s luci1.0046-0049,luci2.0046-0049 Telluric of V733cep
Antoniucci_11 V733 Cep LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 160s luci1.0054-0057,luci2.0054-0057 Science
Antoniucci_11 V733 Cep LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 60s luci1.0058-0061,luci2.0058-0061 Science
Antoniucci_11 HD193984 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 33s luci1.0065-0068,luci2.0065-0068 Telluric of V2493 Cyg
Antoniucci_11 HD193984 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 33s luci1.0069-0072,luci2.0069-0072 Telluric of V2493 Cyg
Antoniucci_11 V2493 Cyg LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 600s luci1.0077-0080,luci2.0077-0080 Science
Antoniucci_11 V2493 Cyg LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 240s lucil.0081-0084,luci2.0081-0084 Science
Antoniucci_11 HD 216532 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 33s luci1.0088-0091,luci2.0088-0091 Telluric of Ves691
Antoniucci_11 HD 216532 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 33s lucil.0092-0095,luci2.0092-0095 Telluric of Ves691
Antoniucci_11 Ves691 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 100s luci1.0100-0103,luci2.0100-0103 Science
Antoniucci_11 Ves691 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 60s lucil.00104-0107,luci2.00104-0108 Science
Antoniucci_11 HD 1826 LUCI1&2 G200+zjspec 33s luci1.0111-0114,luci2.0112-0115 Telluric of IrasO2
Antoniucci_11 HD 216532 LUCI1&2 G200+HKspec 33s lucil.0115-0118,luci2.0116-0119 Telluric of Iras02


1:*40 the TO is checking the pointing and collimation 1:57 dimm seeing 1.5 and variable

1:58 slewing to Hip 106817 (Telluric of PLCKG073 - Polletta)
  • dimm seeing 1.1"
  • 2:01 luci1 has a fwhm larger than luci2, but should not affect the effective focus on the detector
  • acq luci1.20181018.0001-0003, luci2.20181018.0001-0003
  • seeing variable at 2:12
  • in luci1 the spectra did not appear on the second slit, problem due to not perfect trasformation between xy and radec plane on guider
  • spec luci1.20181018.0004-0007, luci2.20181018.0004-0007

2:20 slewing to PLCKG073 (Science - Polletta)
  • seeing 1.1 on guider luci2
  • 2:36 seeing increasing at 1.7 we keep going with acquisition
  • acq luci1.20181018.0008-0011, luci2.20181018.0008-0011
  • 2:37 luci1 is not aligned
  • 2:39 seeing very bad now 1.8
  • 2:43 we go with the spectra but the seeing is between 1.5 and 2.3 we keep going to do not waste the time of the alignment, and wait 10 minutes to see if the seeing is improving
  • spec luci1.0012-0015,luci2.0012-0015
  • 2:54 the seeing is in average 2 and stable, we switch to backup program

2:55 slew to Hip 193984 (Telluric of Ves263 - Antoniucci)
  • 2:58 the TO check pointing no guide star found on LUCI1
  • 3:03 dimm seeing 2.4"
  • 3:06 starting againg acquisition of telluric, problem with LUCI2, the TO check the pointing again
  • 3:13 starting acquisition again, seeing 1.9" acq luci1.0016-0018,luci2.0016-0018,
  • zjspec spec luci1.0019-22,luci2.0019-0022
  • HKspec spec luci1.0023-26,luci2.0023-0026
  • 3:25 dimm seeing 2.2"

3:28 slewing to Ves263 (Science - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0027-0030, luci2.0027-0030
  • 3:35 dimm seeing 2.6"
  • zJspec spec luci1.31-34, luci2.0031-0034
  • HKspec spec luci1.35-38, luci2.0035-0038

3:48 slewing to Hip 116229 (Telluric of Ves733 - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0039-0041,luci2.0039-0041
  • 3:53 dimm seeing 3"
  • copointing limit on luci1 reached but the offset was done, the star was way of from the center, the star is in slit
  • zJspec spec luci1.0042-0045,luci2.0042-0045
  • HKspec spec luci1.0046-0049,luci2.0046-0049

4:09 slew to Ves733 Cep (Science - Antoniucci)
  • 4:10 dimm seeing 2.6
  • acq luci1.0050-53,luci2.0050-0053
  • zJspec spec luci1.0054-0057,luci2.0054-0057
  • 4:22 dimm seeing 4" !
  • HKspec luci1.0058-0061,luci2.0058-0061

4:34 slewing to HD 193984 (Telluric of V2493 Cyg - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0062-0064,luci2.0062-0064
  • 4:37 dimm seeing 5" (bingo)
  • zJspec spec luci1.0065-0068,luci2.0065-0068-
  • HKspec spec luci1.0069-0072,luci2.0069-0072

*4:52 slew to V2493 Cyg (Science - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0073-76,luci2.0073-76
  • 5:02 dimm seeing 3.3"
  • zJspec luci1.0077-0080,luci2.0077-0080
  • HKspec lucil.0081-0084,luci2.0081-0084

*5:26 slew to HD 216532 (Telluric of Ves691 - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0085-0087,luci2.0085-0087
  • 5:39 dimm seeing 2.8"
  • zJspec luci1.0088-0091,luci2.0088-0091
  • HKspec lucil.0092-0095,luci2.0092-0095

*5:45 slew to Ves691 (Science - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0096-0099,luci2.0096-0099
  • 5:58 dimm seeing 3.77"
  • zJspec luci1.0100-0103,luci2.0100-0103
  • HKspec lucil.00104-0107,luci2.00104-0108

*6:10 slew to HD 1826 (Telluric of Iras02 - Antoniucci)
  • acq luci1.0108-0110,luci2.0109-0111
  • 6:25 dimm seeing 3.6"
  • zJspec luci1.0111-0114,luci2.0112-0115
  • HKspec lucil.0115-0118,luci2.0116-0119

6:34 closed for high wind

* Antoniucci calibration
  • flat and arc zjSpec, slit 0.75" lucil.0119-0132,luci2.0120-0133
  • flat and arc HKspec, slit 0.75" lucil.0133-0148,luci2.0134-0149
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