INAF queue observing, 2018 October 16-17

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Giunta
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzal-Huerta
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn


At the sunset the sky is completely covered by clouds. Humudity 99.4% at 1:20 UT.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 1:40-12:30 UT = 10h 50m

Observing time: 0h 0min 0(%)

Weather time loss: 10h 50m 100(%)

technical time loss 0h 0m 0(%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Polletta calibration PLCK073 LUCI1+2 g200 + zJspec   luci1.20181017.0033-46; luci2.20181017.0018-31  
Perna calibration RCSGA327 LUCI1+2 g200 + zJspec   luci1.20181017.0047-60; luci2.20181017.0032-0045  
Cassara calibration VIPA4 LUCI1+2 g200 + zJspec   luci1.20181017.0061-0074; luci2.20181017.0046-0059  
Nisini calibration field 2 LUCI1+2 g210 + H   luci1.20181017.0075-0088; luci2.20181017.0060-0073  
Nisini calibration field 3 LUCI1+2 g210 + H   luci1.20181017.0089-0102; luci2.20181017.0074-0087  
Nisini calibration field 2 LUCI1+2 g210 + J   luci1.20181017.0103-0116; luci2.20181017.0088-0101  
Nisini calibration field 3 LUCI1+2 g210 + J   luci1.20181017.0117-0130; luci2.20181017.0102-0115  
Nisini calibration field 2 LUCI1+2 g210 + K   luci1.20181017.0131-0146; luci2.20181017.0116-0131  
Nisini calibration field 3 LUCI1+2 g210 + K   luci1.20181017.0147-0162; luci2.20181017.0132-0147  
Nisini calibration field LUCI1+2 FeII   luci1.20181017.0163-0172; luci2.20181017.0148-0157  
Nisini calibration field LUCI1+2 H2   luci1.20181017.0173-0182; luci2.20181017.0157-0167  
Nisini calibration field LUCI1+2 J   luci1.20181017.0183-0192; luci2.20181017.0168-0177  
Cresci calibration targets LUCI1+2 g200 + zJspec   luci1.20181017.0193-0206; luci2.20181017.0178-0191  
Cresci calibration targets LUCI1+2 J   luci1.20181017.0207-0216; luci2.20181017.0192-0201  
Cassara calibration VIPA1 LUCI1+2 g200 + zJspec   luci1.20181017.02017-0230; luci2.20181017.0202-0215  


4:20 starting LUCI calibrations
  • Polletta flat and arc luci1.20181017.0002-0015 note the central wavelenght change during the script, we modified the script and send again at 5:36
  • LUCI2 mos problem at 4:29
  • calling D. Thompson at 4:30
  • 5:36! starting again calibration Polletta flat and arc luci1.20181017.0016-29; luci2.20181017.0002-0015, some strange features we check for misalignment, no problem found but the guide probe is in the beam, calibration to be repeated
  • again Polleta cal luci1.20181017.0033-46; luci2.20181017.0018-0031
  • Perna calibration zJspec luci1.20181017.0047-60; luci2.20181017.0032-0045
  • Cassara fraternal calibration ==luci1.20181017.0061-0074; luci2.20181017.0046-0059
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc H field 2 *luci1.20181017.0075-0088; luci2.20181017.0060-0073*==
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc H field 3 *luci1.20181017.0089-0102; luci2.20181017.0074-0087*==
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc J field 2 *luci1.20181017.0103-0116; luci2.20181017.0088-0101*==
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc J field 3 *luci1.20181017.0117-0130; luci2.20181017.0102-0115*==
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc K field 2 *luci1.20181017.0131-0146; luci2.20181017.0116-0131*==
  • Nisini calibration flat & arc K field 3 *luci1.20181017.0147-0162; luci2.20181017.0132-0147*==
  • Nisini calibration flat FeII *luci1.20181017.0163-0172; luci2.20181017.0148-0157*==
  • Nisini calibration flat H2 *luci1.20181017.0173-0182; luci2.20181017.0157-0167*==
  • Nisini calibration flat J *luci1.20181017.0183-0192; luci2.20181017.0168-0177*==
  • Cresci calibration flat & arc zJspec *luci1.20181017.0193-0206; luci2.20181017.0178-0191*==
  • Cresci calibration flat J *luci1.20181017.0207-0216; luci2.20181017.0192-0201*==
  • Cassara fraternal calibration ==luci1.20181017.0217-0230; luci2.20181017.0202-0215
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