INAF queue observing, 2018 Mar 24-25

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez-Huerta
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn on call


At the sunset the sky is cloudy, with wind temperature and humidity above limits
instruments: LBCs, MODS1 and LUCIs work well, MODS2 is working with blue only, LUCI1 and LUCI2 are ok
Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:20am- 12:35pm UT = 10 h 15m

Observing time: h m (0%)

Weather time loss: 10h15m (100%)

technical time loss 0 (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibrations dark LUCI1 + LUCI2 see log     Vanzella,Gilli,Sarracco, Prandoni,Palazzi,Rossi,DICriscienzo
Calib flat+ arc LUCI1+ LUCi2 N1.8, vedi log     Rossi, Gilli, Saracco, Mignoli, Antoniucci
Calib flat LUCI1+ LUCI2 N3.75, J     Di Criscienzo, Prandoni


LUCI calibrations
  • dark luci1.201803235.0002-0006; luci2.20180325.0002-0006 dit= 30, ndit=2, int, lir. Vanzella
  • dark luci1.201803235.0007-0011; luci2.20180325.0007-0011 dit= 2.75, ndit=5, int, lir. Telluric Gilli
  • dark luci1.201803235.00012-0016; luci2.20180325.0012-0016 dit=200 , ndit=1, norm, MER. Gilli luci longslit
  • dark luci1.201803235.00017-0021; luci2.20180325.0017-0021 dit=100 , ndit=3, norm, MER. Sarracco luci longslit
  • dark luci1.201803235.00022-0026; luci2.20180325.0022-0026 dit=5 , ndit=3,int, LIR. Sarracco telluric
  • dark luci1.201803235.00027-0031; luci2.20180325.0027-0031 dit=2.8 , ndit=3,int, LIR.
  • dark luci1.201803235.00039-0043; luci2.20180325.0040-0044 dit=3, ndit=40 ,int, LIR. Prandoni
  • dark luci1.201803235.00044-0048; luci2.20180325.0045-0049 dit=10 , ndit=12,int, LIR. Prandoni
  • dark luci1.201803235.00049-0053; luci2.20180325.0050-0054 dit=150 , ndit=1,norm, MER. Rossi,
  • dark luci1.201803235.00054-0058; luci2.20180325.0055-0059 dit=10 , ndit=6,int, LIR. Palazzi,
  • dark luci1.201803235.00059-0063; luci2.20180325.0060-0064 dit=10 , ndit=10,int, LIR. DiCriscienzo
  • dark luci1.201803235.00064-0068; luci2.20180325.0065-0069 dit=16 , ndit=5,int, LIR. DiCriscienzo
  • dark luci1.201803235.00069-0073; luci2.20180325.0070-0074 dit=5. , ndit=2,int, LIR. DiCriscienzo

  • flat luci1.0091-0100 luci2.0099-0108 N3.75, J, Prandoni, Di Criscienzo
  • flat and arc luci1.0101-0122 luci2.0109-0114 slit 0.75'', G200, zjspec,lamba 1.175, Antoniucci
  • flat and arc luci1.0124-0130; luci2.0115-0139 N1.8, HKspec,slit 1.0'', Gilli, Mignoli
  • flat and arc luci1.0131-0146; luci2.0140-0155 N1.8,Hkspec,slit 0.75'', lambda=1.93, Saracco
  • flat and arc luci1.0147-0160; luci2.0156-0169 N1.8, H, slit 1.0'', lambda=1.65, Rossi

-- %USERSIG{AndreaRossi - 2018-03-25}%


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