INAF queue observing, 2018 Mar 20-21

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez-Huerta
Support Astronomer: B Rothberg on call
Instrument: MODS1+MODS2, LBC


At the sunset sky is mostly cloudy
instruments: all instruments work well, also MODS2 could works in MOS and imaging mode
Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:20am- 12:35pm UT = 10 h 15m

Observing time: *9h* (90%)

Weather time loss: h (0%)

technical time loss * *1.1h (11%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Configuration ExpTime /Time_tot Images Notes
Calibrations slitflat MODS1+2 red only+blueonly     for Montalto
Calibrations arc MODS2 blue only     for Montalto
standard feige34 MODS1+2 dual grating     for Antoniucci a Grazian
Antoniucci 8 XZtau MODS1+2 dual grating 0.3/0.3h mods1r.0019-0022, mods1b.0004-0007 ; mods2r.0010-0013, mods2b.0013-0016 spectroscopy completed
Grazian C COSMOS5585 MODS1+2 dual grating ls1.2" 3/2h mods1r.0027-0032, mods1b.0008-0013 ; mods2r.0018-0023, mods2b.0017-0022 completed took 1 hr more because of cirrus
Grazian J COSMOS931 MODS1+2 dual grating MOS 2/8h mods1r.0036-0039, mods1b.0014-0017 ; mods2r.0027-0030, mods2b.0023-0026 some cirrus during observations
standard feige34 MODS1+2 dual grating,   mods1r.0042-0044, mods1b.0018-0020; mods2r.0033-0035, mods2b.0027-0029 for Antoniucci and Grazian
standard feige34 MODS1+2 redonly(MODS1) +reonly+blueonly (MODS2)   mods1r.0045-0047; mods2b.0030-0032, mods2r.0036-0038 Prandoni e Caccianiga
Prandoni USS1 MODS1+2 readonly (MODS1)+blueonly(MODS2) 40m/2h + 40m/2h mods1r.0051-0052; mods2b.0036-0037 completed
Annibali R40 NGC5477 LBC-bin red: r, blue:g 50 m   completed
Sky flats   LBC        
Calibrations arc and flats MODS1+2 dual grating MOS and ls     Grazian J ,B,C
Calibration slitless flats MODS1+ MODS2 dual grating, red only, blue only      



  • flat mods2b.20180321.0001 QTH1+ND1.5 saturated
  • mods2b.0002,0004,0007 ok texp=1 QTH1+UG5
  • mods2b.0003,0005,0006 ok t exp=1s QTH1+ND1.5
  • mods1r.0003-0006 QTH1+ND1.5

arc mods2b.0008-0009 Hg[Ar]

02:26 Slew to standard Feige34 for Antoniucci e Grazian
  • acqBinoMODS feige34_ls.acq mods1r.20190321.0009-0011, mods2r.20190319.0002-0003
  • DIMM seeing 1.5"
  • execBinoMODS feige34_ls.obs mods1r.0013-0015, mods1b.0001-0003, mods2r.0004-0006, mods2b.0010-0012

02:52 Slew to XZtau for Antoniucci
  • acqBinoMODS mods1r.20190321.0015-0018, mods2r.20190319.0007-0009
  • execBinoMODS mods1r.0019-0022, mods1b.0004-0007, mods2r.0010-0013, mods2b.0013-0016
  • seeing 0.6"-0.8", but partly cloudy

03:29 Slew to Grazian C mods 2r is working
  • acqBinoMODS pointC_lsPA=-30.acq mods1r.20190321.0023-0026, mods2r.20190319.0014-0017
  • 03:48 seeing 0.7-0.8" on guider, but passing clouds
  • 03:52 execBinoMODS pointC_ls_1.obs mods1r.0027-0028, mods1b.0008-0009, mods2r.0018-0019, mods2b.0017-0018
  • 04:28 execBinoMODS pointC_ls_2.obs mods1r.0029-0030, mods1b.0010-0011, mods2r.0020-0021, mods2b.0019-0020
  • 04:32 seeing 0.9"-1.3" on guider, partly cloudy
  • we estimate a0.5 mag extinction from the fact that we still see the Milky Way, thus we take another 50% of the total exposure
  • 05:04 execBinoMODS pointC_ls_1.obs mods1r.0031-0032, mods1b.0012-0013, mods2r.0022-0023, mods2b.0021-0022
  • 05:05 seeing 1" on guider, partly cloudy

05:41 Slew to Grazian J
  • acqBinoMODS mods1r.20190321.0033-0035, mods2r.20190319.0024-0026
  • 05:55 seeing 0.7-0.9" on guider, some cirrus
  • 06:00 execBinoMODS pointJ_mos_1.obs mods1r.0036-0037, mods1b.0014-0015, mods2r.0027-0028, mods2b.0023-0024
  • 06:36 execBinoMODS pointJ_mos_2obs mods1r.0038-0039, mods1b.0016-0017, mods2r.0029-0030, mods2b.0025-0026
  • seeing 0.8" at 07:00, passing cirrus

07:10 Slew to standard Feige34 , dual grating, redonly MODS1+blueonly+redonly forMODS2
  • acqBinoMODS mods1r.20190321.0040-0041, mods2r.20190319.0031-0032
  • first dual grating for both (e.g. Grazian)
  • seeing 1.2" at 07:20, passing cirrus
  • 07:25 execBinoMODS feige34_ls mods1r.0042-0044, mods1b.0018-0020, mods2r.0033-0035, mods2b.0027-0029
  • now redonly MODS1 ; blueonly+redonly for MODS2
  • seeing 1.6" at 07:34, passing cirrus
  • 07:39 execBinoMODS feige34_ls_red.obs feige34_ls_red_blue.obs mods1r.0045-0047, = mods2b.0030-0032, mods2r.0036-0038=

08:00 Slew to Prandoni USS1
  • acq mods1r.0048-0050 mods2b.0033-0035
  • sci mods1r.0051-0052 mods2b.0036-0037

09:20 switch to LBC, the sky is mostly clear and seeing about 0.8''-1.0''

09:40 Annibali program, target R26: NGC4162
  • dohybrid, doesn't work., in the red image there are not stars.
  • 09:50 TO starts again LBC control
  • 09:54 dohybrid, but it doesn't work,
  • we change target R27: UGCA276
  • dohybrid
  • try dofpia but does't work!!!! there are not stars in the images!!!!!!!
  • 10:09 slew to R40
  • dohybrid, the blue image is ok, the red one no, it is impossible to do the focus
  • we send the copointg ob to understand if the red channel works
  • there are problems in both channels, we turn off the LBC and turn on again
  • SA send a quick test script, the blue image is ok, but the red one no
  • SA try two more exposure with different filters but there is nothing in the red!!!

10:42 switch to LUCI, but the TO said us to wait because maybe he has found the error in LBC
  • lbc red swing arm was off, the TO corrects it, and we stay on LBC

10:54 R40
  • dohybrid
  • 11:10 run copointing
  • 11:14 run NGC5477_1.ob
  • 11:20 seeing 0.9"
  • 11:36 seeing jump to 1.2''-1.3''
  • 11:40 seeing about 1.0''
  • 11:41 dofpia
  • 11:44 run NGC5477_2.ob
  • 11:59 seeing about 0.8''
  • 12:11 run NGC5477_3.ob; stars very round in all field
  • 12:29 stop the integration, we have taken 4 images in blue and 4 in red, we consider the target completed together with yesterday observations
  • 12:30 run NGC5477_calib.ob

Sky flats

MODS calib
  • slit flat mods1r.0053-0054, mods1b.0021-0022, mods2r.0039-0040, mods2b.0038-0039 MOS flat for Grazian J
  • arcs mods1r.0055-0060, mods1b.0041-0043, mods2r.0023-0025 mods2b.0040-0042 MOS arc dual grating for Grazian J
  • slit flat mods1r.0060-0062, mods1b.0028-0030, mods2r.0046-0048, mods2b.0045-0047 slit 1.2" flat dual grating Grazian B,C
  • arcs mods1r.00-00, mods1b.00-00, mods2r.00-00, mods2b.00-00 longslit arc dual grating Grazian B,C, Antoniucci
  • slitless flat mods1r.0064-0067, mods1b.0031-0040, mods2r.0046-0053, mods2b.0048-0057 dual grating
  • slitless flat mods1r.0068-0072 ==, ==mods2r.0054-0058 red grating
  • slitless flat mods2.0058-0067 blue grating (MODS2)

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