INAF queue observing, 2018 Feb 02-03

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Gargiulo
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez-Huerta
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg


At the sunset the sky is covered with high cirrus and some thick clouds
instruments: the DX-AdSec is back, but we have to do some test on sky. The dx-AdSec works.
LBC works, LUCI1 is ok, MODS2 blue grating only

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:00am- 13:15pm UT = 11 h 15m

Observing time: 4h 20m (38%)

Weather time loss: 5h 35m (49%)*

technical time loss 1h 20m (13%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
Nisini Field3 LUCI1-2 grating210 filter J,H,K 1.5h x2 bino clouds
Caccianiga GB6J061110 +721814 MODS1 red grating 0.7h clouds
Caccianiga GB6J095114 +251027 MODS1 red grating 2.1h clouds
modsCalib Caccianiga program MODS1 red grating    
LUCI cal Nisini, Prandoni LUCI1 flat imaging FeII, J, H2, K    
LUCI cal Nisini LUCI1-2 flats, arcs   Field 3


1:20 SA and J.Hill starting tests for the dx-adsec

1:44 test is ok, dxadsec works, we can use the right side

1:45 sky is covered with high cirrus and some thick clouds

1:46 slewing to telluric of Nisini field 3, we use binocular LUCI
  • 1:47 luci2 mos error
  • 1:54 problem solved the script is running
  • acq luci1.0019-21 , luci2.0002-0004
  • spec luci1.0022- , luci2.0005-
  • 2:08 problem with central wave on luci1, software problem, 27-28 not good, 2:26 SA suggests to skip to K band, 2:38 problem not solved we change to luci2 only

2:41 send again acq telluric with LUCI2 only
  • 2:43 no guide star found, clouds, the to is checking the pointing, very few star in the all sky cam
  • maybe the problem is solved with LUCI, we try again binocular *3:10 problem with the collimation of the dx

3:13 trying again binocular
  • 3:14 no guide star found on left side, checking the pointing
  • 3: 18 send again the script
  • acq luci1.0029-31, luci2.0016-18
  • spec luci1.0032-43, luci2.0019-30
  • seeing 0.8", clouds

3:40 slewing to Nisini science Field3
  • acq luci1.0044-47 , luci2.0031-34
  • spec luci1.48-, luci2.0035-00
  • 4:02 clouds becoming more thick, just few stars in the all sky cam, guide star lost 1 mag
  • 4:10 seeing 0.6" on guider

5:39 the clouds are too thick we wait for the sky to clear
  • we switch to MODS

5:56 we authorized only MODs1 because we have mostly red grating spectroscopy

6:07 slew to standard gd71
  • still clouds, but the sky looks better
  • acq mods1r.20180203.0001-0002
  • spec 0003-0005

6:27 slewing to Caccianiga GB6J061110 +721814
  • acq 0006-0009
  • 6:38 seeing 1.2", clouds, we did not see the target in 2 min exp, we did the acq with 4 minutes exp
  • spec 0010-0012 clouds

7:52 slewing to Caccianiga GB6J095114 +251027
  • acq 0013-18
  • 7:55 problem with collimation of the primary, 7:58 now is ok
  • 7:59 seeing 0.7" on guider
  • 08:05 we do not see the target too many clouds
  • 8:53* we see the target now, we did the alignment and send the science
  • spec 19-27 clouds
  • 9:41 seeing 1.0"
  • 10:14 seeing 0.8", clouds
  • 11:20 2.5 mag extinction on guide star
  • 11:33 end of the integration, too many clouds, we close the dome

* start MODS calibrations (Caccianiga)
  • bias 3K mods1r.0028-0031, mods1b.002-0006
  • bias 8k mods1r.0032-0036, mods1b.007-0011
  • lamps mods1r.0037-0039
  • slitless fiat mods1r.0040-44
  • slit flats mods1r.0045-47

* start LUCI calibrations Nisini, Prandoni
  • flat H2 for imaging LUCI1 luci1.0060-0069 on/off lamp sequence
  • flat J for imaging LUCI1 luci1.0070-0079 on/off lamp sequence
  • flat FeII imaging LUCI1 luci1.0080-0089 on/off lamp sequence
  • flat K for imaging LUCI1 luci1.0090-99 on/off lamp sequence
  • calibration for Field 3 Nisini, grating 210 filter H, bino luci1.0100-113, luci1.0047-0060
  • calibration for Field 3 Nisini, grating 210 filter J bino luci1.0114-127, luci1.0061-74
  • calibration for Field 3 Nisini, grating 210 filter K bino luci1.0128-143, luci1.075-90
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